Landscape Design Trends from around the world
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5 Landscape Design Trends Around the World

We’re in the middle of May, and it’s starting to get warmer outside. This is a great time to look at what’s in style, look at the trends, and evaluate your landscape. Here are five trending landscape design ideas you may want to adopt. Landscape Design Trends   1. Make it Green One of the major...

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Landscape Design

Landscaping Design to Increase Your Home’s Sale Price

If you know you’ll be selling your home in a year or five, you may think investing in your landscape makes no sense, but you couldn’t be further from the truth!   Getting Ready to Sell Your Home It’s always seemed odd that right before selling one’s home they upgrade appliances, replace floorings, and paint...

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Landscape Design

Make Summer Landscape Plans Now

Summer is the season we tend to spend the most time outdoors. Our yards become an extension of our living quarters like at no other time of year. To get the most enjoyment out of your long summer days, you’ll want to have any landscaping projects wrapped up in time to enjoy them this year....

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Drought Friendly

Protecting Drought Tolerant Plants in Low Temperatures

  Many California gardens and landscapes have been making the move to drought tolerant and native species plants. California’s dry climate and an urge to conserve limited water resources makes a great case for succulents, native grasses, and other dry-hardy plantings.   Why is Drought Tolerant So Good?   There are so many benefits to...

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Drought Friendly Landscape Design

Beautiful Features for Your Yard That Don’t Need Watering

We all want to have welcoming, beautiful outdoor areas, and the easier they are to take care of the better. Another dimension is added into our landscape planning when we consider drought resistance, or water conservation. You’ve probably already thought of using native plants. You may have considered paving large areas too, to make them...

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Drought Friendly Landscape Design

Drought Resistant Landscaping: Should You Go Lawn-Free?

Californians have been becoming more and more aware of a need to go about our daily lives with our environmental impacts in mind. We recycle, carpool, try to eat locally, and increasingly, we’re pulling up our lawns. You can now hang up the lawnmower keys and install more creative, more water conscious landscapes.   Advantages...

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Drought Friendly

5 Benefits of Drought Resistant Landscaping

Drought Resistant Landscaping sounds like a good idea from the get-go: it resists droughts. That’s obviously good. But what else is so great about switching to water-wise plantings and ground covers?   1- When your landscape blends with your surroundings, the property looks larger and more graceful.   I think we’ve all seen neighborhoods where...

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What Can a Landscape Project Coordinator Do For You?

Once you know what you want to accomplish in your yard, the hard part of getting it done still remains. Few people really want to oversee the project coordination for their new landscape. Sometimes we even imagine that if all the people we’ve hired are competent, we shouldn’t need a project coordinator! You Need a...

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Landscape Design

Planning Walkways in Your Landscape

Traffic flow in your landscape matters more than people generally realize, often until after their landscape project is over.   When planning your outdoor spaces, most people start by considering what they’ll use the space for or what they want it to look like in terms of colors, textures, favorite plants. They probably consider available...

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Garden Landscape Design

Climbing Vines Can Have Many Uses

When envisioning the perfect landscaping for your property, most people picture plants as being something beautiful to look at, while hardscaping like concrete, benches, wooden arbors, and brick ovens are the useful part of the area, bringing structure and utility. But there is also potential for the plants themselves to bring utility by dividing spaces,...