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Planning Walkways in Your Landscape

Traffic flow in your landscape matters more than people generally realize, often until after their landscape project is over.   When planning your outdoor spaces, most people start by considering what they’ll use the space for or what they want it to look like in terms of colors, textures, favorite plants. They probably consider available...

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Climbing Vines Can Have Many Uses

When envisioning the perfect landscaping for your property, most people picture plants as being something beautiful to look at, while hardscaping like concrete, benches, wooden arbors, and brick ovens are the useful part of the area, bringing structure and utility. But there is also potential for the plants themselves to bring utility by dividing spaces,...

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Avoid Landscaping Mistakes With a Plan

Many homeowners will tinker away in their lawns and gardens, planting what they found at the store or rearranging elements trying to get closer to a layout that works for them. There is often little or no analyzing the needs or wants of the people and plants involved. While this can be an eternal source...

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3 Most Common Reasons for New Home Landscaping

When people plan new home improvements they often focus on labor, working with contractors and construction workers to get the job done. In the process, they often lose sight of the final overall home landscaping aesthetic and curb appeal they seek. Here are some examples of home improvements that can require some updates in your...

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5 Tips To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

Have you been thinking about enhancing your home with an outdoor entertaining space? Create more room to enjoy your home and host guests outdoors. With these five steps, you can have the ideal outdoor entertaining space for your home. Start with a Patio or Deck Your outdoor entertainment space needs a home base. Consider your...

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5 Vibrant Landscape Tips For The Urban Environment

If you live in an urban area, you may be dreaming of having a beautiful green space, but may also be facing some barriers from limited and crowded space. Your urban landscaping dreams can still come true, with some creativity. There are many tips and techniques to use when landscaping in an urban environment: Evaluate...

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Drought Friendly Landscape Design

Can Sustainable Landscape Design Create Net-Zero Homes?

Net zero landscape homes? Sustainable design for landscapes has been around for a while, touted as the ideal way to get the landscape you want while also protecting and conserving the natural environment. But can sustainable design actually create net-zero homes that create no impact (or provide a positive contribution) to the environment? Landscape architects...

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How Lighting Impacts Landscape Design

Creating a stunning, impactful and sustainable landscape relies on a variety of factors. These can include providing the right landscape architecture, choosing the right plants and trees, carefully integrating hardscapes and softscapes, and incorporating sustainable design. But one of the most significant elements that is often overlooked is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting allows your beautifully...

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Drought Friendly Landscape Design

What Is Sustainable Landscape Design?

One of the issues that has been most firmly in our collective conscience over the last few years is environmental sustainability and protection. One of the most important areas in which we can work on this area is in sustainable landscape design. Many Californians have already given up traditional grass lawns in favor of more...

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How To Landscape My Home

If your home is lacking the outdoors environment and “curb appeal” you want, it’s time to start thinking about an expert approach to landscaping.  If the prospect of landscaping seems daunting, follow these steps: Assess the Situation Whether your home has existing landscaping that you want to improve or you are developing your landscape from...