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Excited for spring gardening? Me too! Let’s kick off the season with 26 of our favorite spring flowers, 12 tips for creating the perfect outdoor space, 20 pretty plant combos, and a sneak peek at a webinar that’ll shake up your garden design game. Plus, we’re talking spring fertilizing and sharing ways to celebrate spring’s arrival. And, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the spring tasks, we’ve got advice for that too. 

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are starting to bloom, right on cue! Can you name all five of the flowers pictured above? Check your answers and discover 26 popular flowers that will get you through the entire season. What’s blooming in your garden?


Pergola with curtains in backyard

Hopefully your outdoor areas are both beautiful and functional, but if they’re not exactly what you were expecting, or if you’re just in the planning stages, check out these 12 tips that can be applied to large or small spaces—and budgets!

Pink and yellow flower garden

Part of making sure your garden design is at it’s best is pairing the right plants together—which isn’t always easy. To make things a bit simpler, here are 20 beautiful landscape and container combinations to suit any garden style—along with info on growing conditions and details such as how much water they’ll need and more! Photo by: Proven Winners.


Rebecca Sweet and vignettes from garde

with Rebecca Sweet, Harmony in the Garden
Thursday, March 21 @ 6PM EDT*

Ever felt boxed in by the traditional do’s and don’ts of garden design? Join us next Thursday for a game-changing webinar with Rebecca Sweet from Harmony in the Garden. Rebecca will show us that sometimes the best gardens come from stepping “outside the flowerbed” and bending the traditional rules of garden design. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Rethinking layers for visual interest
  • Creative approaches to spacing
  • When & how to step away from the rule of 3’s
  • Embracing bold color choices
  • Mixing styles for a garden that’s uniquely yours

But this isn’t just about breaking rules for the sake of it; it’s about understanding why and how making your own rules can create a space that’s truly yours.

*Can’t join us live? All registrants will receive access to the recording.

Check out this quick video from Rebecca and see what she’ll be sharing with us in next week’s webinar—and find out what design rule is her favorite to break.

Register today and we’ll “see” you next Thursday!

Fertilizing Tomato Plants

Plants sometimes need a little help to be their healthiest (don’t we all?). So, if you’ve got questions about the different types of fertilizer, what nutrients plants need and why, or how and when to fertilize (hint: early spring!), we’ve got the answers!  


Tulips in garden

Oh, the possibilities!! We rounded up a few fun activities and projects to get you started! Plus, some of our favorite gardeners pitched in to let us know what they’ll be doing. 

I plan on taking pictures of my garden and comparing them to last year to see the changes. How about you? Do you have a first-day-of-spring tradition? (Hit reply & let me know!)

Brunnera in garden

Our friend and landscape designer, Karen Chapman, often hears pleas from clients and other gardeners of, “Help, I can’t manage it all,” or “I never seem to make headway,” and “I don’t know where to start.” After years of dealing with some of these same feelings and challenges in her own garden, she has some great advice for those of us (myself included!) who also deal with some “spring overwhelm.”