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Earth Day is next Monday, April 22nd. From feeding busy pollinators to creating wildlife-friendly habitats, and even growing plants indoors, gardeners play a crucial role in supporting and enhancing our planet every day.  

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate, check out the Earth Day website for inspiration and local events. Let’s keep making a positive impact together!



Artistic Flourishes: Pots With a Purpose
Thursday, April 18 @ 6PM EDT


*Can’t attend live? All registrants receive access to the recording.

Dan Benarcik at Chanticleer Garden


Take your containers to the next level this year with ideas straight from one of the most innovative gardens—and gardeners—in the U.S. Dan Benarcik is joining us today to talk about how they mix art and gardening in the containers at Chanticleer, and sharing ideas on how we can refresh our own gardens. Whether you’ve got a large garden or just a balcony or deck, YOU can create and grow gorgeous containers! 

Easter tiger swallowtail on liatris flower

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to designate an area of your garden specifically for pollinators. Discover 10 North American native perennials that will not only beautify your garden, but also support vital pollinators and wildlife. Pictured: Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly on blazing star (Liatris spicata).

Dahlia bouquet in vase

Nothing beats fresh cut flowers. So, get growing! Plant summer-flowering bulbs like dahlias, lilies, and gladiolus today. The presence of flowers triggers overall positive emotional health with heightened feelings of happiness, life satisfaction, delight, and gratitude. It can’t get any fresher or more local than your own backyard. Visit FlowerBulb.eu for inspiration and to learn more about flower bulbs.

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Pond in garden

See how Delaware homeowners transformed their property into a thriving wildlife retreat. Their thoughtful design with native plantings and man-made pond support a vibrant ecosystem right in their own yard. Learn how you can create a wildlife-friendly habitat in your garden with practical tips and insights. Photo by Morty Bachar and Patty Storms.


Easy-care indoor plants

Earth Day is the perfect time to expand your indoor garden as well, creating a vibrant, leafy retreat—and these 15 easy-care plants will make it simple. They’re ideal for first-time plant parents, or those who just want some no-fuss greenery in their home or office. Happy planting!


Deer eating groundcover plants

Yes, Earth Day is coming and we’re celebrating nature and creating gardens that support the earth and wildlife, but… we also get lots of questions and comments about deer! Although they’re beautiful animals (who need to eat, too!), we’d prefer they dine elsewhere. Although hungry deer will eat just about anything, we’ve got 20 deer-resistant plants that aren’t generally on their menu, along with other strategies, online learning opportunities, deer-proof garden plans, and more great resources. 

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