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How & When to Break the Rules of Garden Design
with Rebecca Sweet
Thursday, March 21st @ 6PM ED


Ever felt boxed in by the traditional do’s and don’ts of garden design? Join us this Thursday for a game-changing webinar with Rebecca Sweet from Harmony in the Garden. This session is all about how & when to break the rules of garden design, and you don’t want to miss it!

We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Rethinking layers for visual interest
  • Creative approaches to spacing
  • When & how to step away from the rule of 3’s
  • Embracing bold color choices
  • Mixing styles for a garden that’s uniquely yours

Rebecca will show us that sometimes the best gardens come from stepping “outside the flowerbed” and bending the traditional rules of garden design. But this isn’t just about breaking rules for the sake of it; it’s about understanding why and how making your own rules can create a space that’s truly yours.


Can’t join us live? All registrants will receive access to the recording.

$20 Registration Fee

Rebecca Sweet: How & When to Break the Rules of Garden Design
Check out this quick video from Rebecca Sweet and see what she’ll be sharing with us this week—and find out what design rule is her favorite to break.