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Spring is moving quickly, and we’re headed straight for summer! If your garden still needs some sunshine, we’ve got 34 flowering plants that are sure to make you happy, and even more plants that will stand up to summer heat. Plus, you’ll find expert advice on using echoes to design harmonious gardens, tips for tackling a common garden pest, and an invitation to celebrate public gardens during “Go Public Garden Days.”   

Yellow flowers

From mellow yellow to sunshine bright, these yellow-flowering annuals, perennials, and shrubs will definitely add some cheer to your garden beds, containers, hanging baskets, or window boxes. Pictured: Supertunia® Saffron FinchpetuniaPyromania® ‘Solar Flare’ kniphofia, and Suncredible® Yellow sunflower, from Proven Winners.

Pro Color Tip: When putting colors together in your garden, remember that yellow complements purple, blends well with orange and green, and forms a color triad with blue and red. 


Heilchrysum and barberry

Bring harmony to your garden with these easy-to-follow strategies. Learn how simple repetitions of color, texture, shape, and form can pull your design together—no matter how many one-of-this and one-of-that plants you have. 

“Apart from their visual appeal, echoes serve specific functions in the garden. They create harmony and rhythm between garden beds, establish a natural flow by visually connecting different areas of the garden, and even help unify a disjointed garden bed, which can occur with too many random plant purchases.” —Rebecca Sweet

Plus: Watch our new video with Rebecca on Creating Echoes

Lily flowers

Summer bulbs, such as lilies and dahlias, offer a chance for you to extend the Mother’s Day experience. A gift of bulbs in May promises beautiful blooms to enjoy with your mom for years to come. Make planting a summer bulb garden with Mom and the kids or grandchildren a new spring tradition. Just add love! Visit FlowerBulb.eu for more inspiration.

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Rockin Blue Suede Shoes salvia, Suncredible sunflower

Temperatures are going to start going up very soon! If this year’s garden planning has you on the hunt for plants that won’t wither and die in the heat of summer, these 20 durable heat lovers can take it! Pictured: Rockin’® Blue Suede Shoes™ salvia, from Proven Winners.


Aphids on rose bud

Nearly every gardener has dealt with aphids at one time or another—and if you haven’t, I’m jealous! They love the tender new foliage and buds that our plants are full of this time of year. To help you meet this challenge head on, we’ve rounded up ways to get rid of aphids without using harmful chemicals in your garden.


Go Public Garden Days
Go Public Garden Days
May 10-19, 2024

Need some suggestions for what to do this weekend? Why not go check out a public garden or two? “Go Public Garden Days” is an annual celebration of public gardens and it runs through next Sunday, May 19th. Visit the American Public Gardens Association website to learn more about public garden events going on in your area and find a garden near you. 

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