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Summer Garden Delights

Summer gardens are filled with long days of light, colorful flowers, and sweet treats—but don’t let your time in the garden end when the sun goes down. This week, learn how to create a summer garden that you can also enjoy under the stars. Plus, get inspired to freshen up your garden beds—or create new ones—and learn how to grow your own strawberries!

Purple-flowering plants

Did you know that purple is the most requested color for the garden? Purple can evoke a variety of moods, from calm to excited. So if you’re wanting more of this amazing color in your garden, check out these 24 purple-flowering plants that you’re gonna love.

Summer hillside garden

Keith Wiley combines perennials, grasses, and mounding shrubs to create a summer garden that puts on its own fireworks show. Learn from his planting wisdom with these 9 tips and design your own colorful summer landscape. Photo by: Richard Bloom.

Moon Garden

In the dark, white flowers and silver or variegated foliage reflect the moonlight, transforming the garden into a nighttime oasis. Take it a step further by adding night-blooming fragrant flowers to create a multi-sensory moon garden experience. Discover more design tips and plant suggestions to help you design your own moonlight garden. Photo by: Proven Winners. 

White hydrangeas next to a porch

Hydrangeas are a hands-down favorite with many gardeners, with their large blooms bringing color to landscapes from summer into fall. The white-flowering varieties, in particular, add timeless beauty to any yard, complement other hues, bring a cooling feeling to the landscape in the summer heat, and are perfect for a moon garden. See a few of our favorite white hydrangeas and pick one for your garden! Pictured: Incrediball® smooth hydrangea(Hydrangea arborescens). Photo by: Proven Winners.

Colorful garden bed and porch

Freshen existing beds or create new ones with these 10 inspirational ideas from our friends at Proven Winners. From hot, head-turning brilliant colors to cool and calm designs, your creativity is bound to be sparked. Photo by: Proven Winners. (see more of this garden @plaids.and.poppies on Instagram)

Berried Treasure Red Strawberries

Not many things say summer like fresh-picked strawberries, especially when they’re right out of your own garden. Plus, you can do so many things with them: eat them fresh or make jams, jellies, pies, and even a strawberry rhubarb margarita. Learn more about the different types of strawberries and how to grow your own at home. Pictured: Berried Treasure Red from Proven Winners (pictured) with its bright red flowers.