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Celebrate National Pollinator Week (June 17-23) by enhancing your garden with the right plants and practical gardening tips. Plus, discover weekend projects to create a pollinator haven and meet the beneficial insects that keep your garden healthy. Are you ready to make a difference for the pollinators in your garden?

Pollinators on flowers

Not all flowering plants serve pollinators equally, and some pollinators have favorites. To make sure you have a few of each of their favorites in your garden, we’ve rounded up 30 annuals, perennials, and shrubs for you to choose from. Which do you already have in your garden? 

Click here for 7 Things You Can Do for Pollinators, from pollinator.org

TIP: Put pollinators’ “helping hands” to work by planting a few of their favorites in or around edible gardens to increase pollination and get more fruits and vegetables. 


Butterfly on coneflower

Learn how to select the right native plants, ensure blooms throughout the seasons, and create a safe, welcoming environment for bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects (more on these guys below). These 10 practical tips will help you cultivate a vibrant and diverse garden that supports our essential pollinators.


Pollinator gardens

Need a great weekend project to celebrate National Pollinator Week? Our friends at Proven Winners have a lot of ideas for creating a beautiful and functional garden that provides safe spaces for pollinators to live, feed, and multiply. Create your own pollinator haven with these garden ideas:

Pollinator Paradise Containers
Pollinator Garden Recipe #1
Pollinator Garden Recipe #2
Pollinator Garden Recipe #3
Pollinator Garden Recipe #4

Ladybug larvae and adult ladybug

When it comes to bugs in the garden, not all insects are pests! Discover the crucial roles beneficial insects play in maintaining plant health and controlling pests naturally. Learn how to attract these helpful critters to your garden and create a thriving, balanced ecosystem.


Pollinator garden video

Create a safe haven for pollinators in your garden with these 7 tips and 10 plant suggestions from our friend, Stacy of @bricksnblooms. Plus, her garden is fantastic. Wow! 

If you love Stacy’s garden, you need to check out her book: A Beautiful & Easy-Care Flower Garden. It’s especially great for beginning gardeners—and even those with a little dirt under their nails!


USDA Plant Hardiness Zones
Discover plants that will grow in YOUR growing zone!
(New lists added for Zones 3 & 4! Zone 10 coming soon!)

Are you looking for the perfect plants that thrive in your specific growing zone? We’ve got lists with some of the most popular perennials, shrubs, and trees all sorted by growing zone. There are lists for Zones 3-9, with Zone 10 on the way!

Pollinator Partnership is a wonderful resource for more info on pollinators and ideas on how you can help. By supporting their Bee Friendly Gardeningcampaign, you’ll be connected with a network of gardeners, gain exclusive resources, and help make a significant impact on our environment. No garden is too small to contribute. Ready to make a difference? Visit their website and become a member today!

Happy gardening!