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By: Garden Design

Not only is this the first week of summer, but it’s also National Pollinator Week (which definitely deserves celebrating), so cheers to the pollinators! After all, without them, we wouldn’t have our stunning gardens, and so much more!

Milkweed for Monarchs

There are many plants you can grow that attract butterflies. But did you know that milkweed is the one plant that monarch butterflies will lay their eggs on because it is the only plant that monarch caterpillars feed on? Learn more about milkweed and how you can grow this most important plant for monarchs.

Perennial Pollinator Gardens

You can play a supporting role in reviving the pollinator population with these 10 perennials that attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. You’ll also get 5 great tips on how you (yes, you!) can start a pollinator garden. Even if it’s just one container—every flower counts!

Spirit of Place

How is your garden connected to the place surrounding you? In this new book by lifelong gardener Bill Noble, you’ll get insights into how to connect to your garden in new ways, plus you’ll see Noble’s stunning garden in New England. Order a copy and see more gardening books in our bookstore.

Lakefront Meadow

Have a seat and let’s enjoy this lakefront meadow garden! Read more about this meadow that includes pollinator favorites bee balm, oxeye sunflower, purple coneflower, and more, and replaced what was once a large area of turf.

GardenDesign.com Reader Favorites

Every gardener needs a good pair of pruners, and these bypass pruners from Corona Tools are a GardenDesign.com reader favorite. See them, along with 15 of the most popular products (problem solvers, fertilizers, tools, and more) our readers are buying to make their gardens better.