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When we say landscaping a yard, you probably think of warm weather, lush greenery, and plenty of colorful blooms. But have you ever considered how landscaping a yard is different in the winter months? There are hundreds of winter garden plants you can use to liven up your yard during this barren time. Whether you’re experiencing your first winter with a backyard, or you’re already a seasoned gardener, here are some tips for landscaping during the cold, rainy months to come.


Preparing Your Landscaping for the Winter Months

The first and most important step is preventive care in order to preserve the quality of your current landscaping. You probably already trimmed and pruned your plants in the fall, so you can start by refreshing your mulch. This will keep roots warmer, and help the blooming process when warmer days arrive. It’s not necessary to remove the old mulch before adding a new layer. This is because it’s meant to break down over time and mix with the soil.

Before you put away your tools, make sure you clean them thoroughly. Clean off your spades, shovels, rakes, and all other outdoor equipment. If you live in an area with heavy seasonal rains, you may need to turn off your sprinklers or irrigation system as well.

Add Berries

If you love gardening projects, there’s no reason to let winter slow you down. There are actually many beautiful plants and trees that produce berries, even into the later months of the year. The wild birds that visit your yard would definitely appreciate this extra source of food. Flowering crabapple trees are a sweet addition to any winter landscape, and they have a festive look. Holly is another option that can withstand winter temperatures, which may be why it’s often associated with the holidays. Although, it is important to note that holly bushes produce red berries that are toxic to humans and pets, so take this into account. They may not be right for your yard if you have young children.

Making Plans for Spring

Of course, it’s important to think about the upcoming season and what you want to grow. But winter is also a good time to take a look at your hardscape. Is this the time to add some extra elements? Maybe a fountain, or a stone bench? Or, possibly a fire ring, or a new patio cover… With spring blooms taking a backseat, winter can be the best time to see the structures in your yard more clearly. 

Plants for Winter Landscaping

There are actually many plants that grow and thrive in the harsher months of winter. If you like the look of evergreens, here are some common species to choose from. They’re available in more color tones than simple green, so explore some of these beauties.

The Most Common Winter Evergreens

  • Weeping White Spruce
  • Green Giant Arborvitae
  • Gold Thread Cypress
  • Weeping Nootka Cypress
  • Blue Pyramid Cypress

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It may seem like there are fewer options for landscaping a yard in the winter, but for homeowners who can’t get enough of their little corner of nature, there are plants that thrive in the cruelest weather conditions to make your landscaping look like something out of a fairy tale all year long. For help with the design and landscaping process, even during the winter, contact us at Meadowbrook Design. You can schedule a consultation by clicking here. Or, our office can be reached at (925) 200-3661.