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Hiring a landscape design service is more crucial than most people realize. Well executed design seems natural, or intuitive, which leads people to not think about or question the design process. Why is this tree here? Why are there this many benches? The answer lies in what results are desired- how is the space supposed to make you feel? How should it serve you? What activities should it facilitate or prohibit?

Designing before you begin is how you can achieve the results you want, in terms of aesthetics, efficient systems like drip irrigation and drainage, and more. Here are few good reasons why the planning done by a professional landscape design service matters:



Your Pride in and Satisfaction with Your Home

A well designed landscape turns your whole property into home. With great landscaping, your domain extends outside the buildings and into natural beauty around you, which becomes a combination of what you find beautiful and useful, and what nature fosters in your area. Your land can be the landscape you always wanted.

It’s not that you wouldn’t have any pride in a landscape that was put together without the skills of a landscape designer. You could proudly say “I did that without help!” but you may not be able to say things like “this turned out with the beauty I envisioned!” or “this surpassed my expectations!”.


Increased Property Value

Did you know that having a professional landscape design created for your property increases your property value? Even if you haven’t finished, or even started, executing the plans yet? It does, because the  landscape design plan itself is of great value. Just having it in hand means the road from your current yard to a well engineered oasis has already been mapped.

All the better if your landscaping design service has overseen the completion of your plan before your home hits the market. Buyers don’t have time to look at every available home, but they won’t pass up visiting a house with skillfully arranged, lush natural surroundings. With the increased attention your landscaping brings you, and the value buyers see in it, you’ll be able to sell your home for a higher price than you could by doing indoor improvements.


Good Design Can Save Natural Resources

A skilled landscape design service can create a green haven for you that also preserves water, air, and soil. Reducing erosion, a healthier soil ecosystem, minimal water waste, and fresh oxygen are some benefits of a well designed landscape. Solar outdoor lighting can be incorporated, and many other environmentally friendly choices can be worked into the overall plan.


A Landscape Design Service Will Create Natural Spaces and Traffic Paths

There is more science to getting walkways and useful areas right than most people realize. Insightful design can create natural feeling routes between areas. Design can also make your patio, outdoor kitchen, firepit, swimming pool, tennis court, or other areas fit into the the available land well and naturally, in ways that make them convenient and easy to use. Defining spaces with plants and structural borders can make them into “rooms” in your outdoor home.