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Hello, 2024! A new year brings fresh opportunities for gardening, plant exploration, design inspiration, and learning. Our challenge to you this year is to try new things—new plants, new design ideas, new maintenance techniques—and do more of what makes you happy in the garden. Cheers to a year filled with hope, health, and beautiful gardens, from all of us at Garden Design!
New plants for 2024: verbena, rose, chitalpa, petunia, hydrangea

A new year calls for new plants! See what’s coming your way this spring from Proven Winners. All 120+ new selections have been trialed extensively, with multiple award winners for exceptional performance. From intriguing growth habits to groundbreaking color developments and fragrances, we’re sure you’ll find an exciting new addition for your garden. Some of our new favorites include (pictured):

  • Superbena ® Pink Cashmere™ – One of the most vigorous Superbena ® verbenas with huge umbels of soft pink flowers that bloom all season without deadheading.
  • Flavorette™ Honey-Apricot – A fresh approach to roses, offering a delightful and edible addition to your garden. Beautiful, sweetly fragrant flowers bloom all summer long.
  • El Nino™ Desert Orchid – A unique, easy-care, hybrid shrub with orchid-like flowers that have a sweet scent and bloom from late spring into summer. 
  • Supertunia ® Saffron Finch™ – A vibrant, well-branched petunia, featuring intense yellow flowers that pair wonderfully with bold purples, reds, and magentas.
  • Let’s Dance Lovable™ – Enjoy a summer filled with the beauty of this reblooming hydrangea that boasts a profusion of intensely colored pink, purple, or blue blooms, as well as fall foliage interest.

See all of the new 2024 introductions

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Garden bench with lime tree and salvia plant

Speaking of what’s new for 2024, check out these 10 gardening trends that are on the rise this year, including using edimentals. What’s an edimental, you ask? Plants that are both edible and ornamental, and can include perennials, shrubs, and trees. Are you incorporating any of these growing trends in your garden?

Houseplants with Mythic Dragonite Jewel Alocasia

Discover the drama that alocasia plants, also called elephant’s ear, can add to any sunny room with their bold foliage and reptilian patterns. Although many elephant ear plants can get quite large, jewel alocasias are compact, ranging from 1 to 2 feet tall, making them perfect for an eye-catching indoor focal point, whether displayed solo or in a group. Pictured center: The leafjoy ® 2024 Houseplant of the Year, Mythic ® Dragonite™ jewel alocasia (Alocasia melo). Photo by: Proven Winners.


Winter Greenhouse

When do you do your garden planning? Is it something that happens bit by bit throughout the year, or do you like to sit down and devote a good chunk of time to it all at once? Find out why planning during winter works well for many gardeners and what you can do now to ensure a more beautiful spring and summer. See what some of our friends have to say about winter planning as well: How I Plan Garden Projects in Winter – Erin from The Impatient Gardener It’s Garden Planning Season – Janey from Dig, Plant, Water, Repeat Winter: The Best Time to Work on Your Garden – Joe Lamp’l from JoeGardener  

Dan Benarcik at Chanticleer Garden
WEBINAR: Combinations—Finding the Right Mix with Dan Benarcik, Chanticleer Thursday, January 25th @ 6PM EST

Start the new year off right with a webinar featuring Dan Benarcik from Chanticleer. If you’ve ever admired the stunning plant combinations at Chanticleer or have been captivated by photos of their gardens, then you don’t want to miss this! 

Join us 3 weeks from today as we explore the key elements and techniques that they use at Chanticleer to create harmonious plant combinations in the garden. Dan will cover plants, colors, textures, and more. Get more info & register today! Photos courtesy of Chanticleer.