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Once you know what you want to accomplish in your yard, the hard part of getting it done still remains. Few people really want to oversee the project coordination for their new landscape. Sometimes we even imagine that if all the people we’ve hired are competent, we shouldn’t need a project coordinator!


You Need a Project Coordinator

Unfortunately, the glitches and foibles that can happen in the planning and execution of a landscape are often not the result of incompetence, but simply disconnectedness between all the moving parts. One single point person that understands the desired outcomes and priorities for the project can prevent a lot of heartache. And it’s certainly to your advantage when that point person thoroughly understands how to build a successful Bay Area landscape.

What Do They Do?

Some of the things a good Project Coordinator can do for you include site design adjustments, pre-construction demarcation and layout, plant placement, pre-bid walkthroughs with design contractors, plant identification walkthrough at a local nursery, advising on hardscape structures, paving, decking, retaining walls and fences, outdoor kitchen element selection, and more.

A knowledgeable landscape Project Coordinator will know how to make the best materials choices, select appropriate contractors, monitor your timeline and more. Their years of landscaping knowledge and experience gives them insight that neither a homeowner or single type of contractor would have. This familiarity with so many aspects of the process allow your Project Coordinator to predict potential problems and make adjustment with grace that you might not have had.

Keep Your Time for What Matters To You

It’s certainly not unheard of for a homeowner to try to oversee their own landscape project, and many people do it. Hiring a Project Coordinator includes all the advantages of expertise and services mentioned here, but it also means you get your life back. You can spend your time how you want to, maybe with your family, on the beach or the golf course. Not meeting loads of material or calling contractors for updates.

Meadowbrook Design project coordination and material selection assistance helps you achieve flow and accuracy in all project phases. Call us for more information on having an expert oversee your new landscape.