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Vertical gardening isn’t just for small spaces. In gardens of any size, vertical growing serves to bring plants and flowers to eye level, enclose garden spaces, frame doorways or openings, and create mystery. You can grow vertically with vines, wall planters, trellises, and more. See how you can incorporate these ideas into your garden, find out what to plant for a calming spring garden, and learn about a webinar coming your way in November.

Flowering vines

One of the best and easiest ways to increase your garden’s square footage or define a space is with vines. What’s even better is using vines that bloom with beautiful flowers, such as Tangerine Slice-A-Peel, Carolina Jessamine, or Happy Jack® Purple (all pictured). See 21 of our favorite flowering vines and learn how to select one that is appropriate for your garden. 

Fall trees at Brandywine Cottage

Join David Culp of Brandywine Cottage and Garden Design’s Jim Peterson as they talk about what’s happening in the garden in November. You may be thinking, “not much,” but just wait. David Culp is never at a loss for gardening inspiration (no matter what time of year) and his wit and wisdom on life in general should not be missed! Get more information and see what topics will be discussed in the next webinar, A Journey Through Your November Garden, happening Thursday, November 11 @ 6PM EST. 

Can’t join us at that time?  All who are registered will receive a link to view the recording as well as a slide-by-slide plant list and notes. 

Read more about David Culp and his gardening philosophy in the October 20th edition of the New York Times

Spring flowers

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. Many people associate blue with peacefulness and serenity. No wonder blue flowers are so popular. It’s also because they are rare in nature. This year, add the calming effect of blue to your spring garden by planting a succession of blue flowering spring bulbs.

Visit FlowerBulbs.com for more information on growing bulbs.

Balcony flower garden

Gardening in a small space like a balcony can be challenging, but don’t give up. With a little creativity you can create an urban retreat, a high-yield vegetable garden, or even a flower-lover’s paradise right outside your door. Get tips on how to maximize your space, what to plant (hint: see flowering vines above), container options, and more. Don’t let the size of your space hold you back, get growing!

Flower baskets along fence

One way to create a living wall display is with window boxes attached to a fence. Choosing the right plants is also important. “For vertical gardening, the most effective window boxes are going to incorporate lots of spillers—plants that cascade down.” Get more vertical gardening tips and ideas and grow your garden UP!  Photo by: Proven Winners.

Did you grow pumpkins this year?  Here’s how to tell when they’re ready to be picked:
  – They have the desired color all the way around.
  – You hear a hollow sound when you pat them.
  – The skin won’t puncture easily with your fingernail.
  – The stem has hardened and is turning brown.
After you’ve picked them, why not have a little fun? Here are a few ideas: 

Happy Gardening!