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A beautiful landscape doesn’t feel scattered, there is always a center pulling it all together. You might call it a focal point, a centerpiece, a unifying feature.

There’s no one right way to provide a center to your landscape. You have to find what suits you, based on your values and how you intend to use the space. Here are some ideas to inspire you.



A Statue, Sculpture or Other Piece of Art

Nothing speaks more clearly about what you value than the art that calls to you. And bringing that into your landscape creates a homey-ness that isn’t’ there when less personal elements are used. Art is personal. This space is yours.

Using pieces of art, the creations of artists, as focal points creates a mood that the outdoor space that you’re in is there to be enjoyed. Specifically. To reflect on beauty.


A Social Area

If what you value most is entertaining, having friends over, or being with family then the natural choice to build your landscape around is a social place. Seating. A barbeque. Spaces to lounge or play chess together. Gazebos, porches, decks, collections of outdoor sofas. There’s no wrong way to do it, but some ways are more beautiful and more welcoming than others. Work with your landscape designer to get the feel just right.


Water: A Pond, Fountain or Other Ideas

Most people are drawn to water. Humans love it. Of course, in a drought, water is something of a luxury. This makes it less common, and therefore even more remarkable. You can make your water feature work efficient by having fountains trickle instead of roar, making ponds shallow with dark bottoms that appear deeper, and using smaller amounts of water like a birdbath or decorative rain barrel. Of course a birdbath is no suitable focus for a large area, but in a smaller space it can be just right.


Remarkable Natural Features: A Tree, Boulder, Exotic Planting

Exotic or fascinating displays of nature at its most beautiful are something that touches almost everyone’s sense of wonder. Carnivorous plants. Plants of exceptionally large or small scale. Large geodes. If your thumb in brown, choose a piece of nature that you can maintain, like a beautiful boulder with ribbons of quartz running through it. Do not feature a bonzai garden or collection of rare orchids if you don’t know how to care for them.


An Activity Area: Labyrinth, Bocce Ball, Court or Jungle Gym

If you have kids, athletes, or someone else that has something they want to actively do in your outdoor space, then the choice is obvious that you can make that use a focal point in your landscape. Maybe the kids want to play tetherball, why not install a court and put chairs by it for watchers? If the family enjoys crochet, there’s an opportunity to make a lovely crochet area including a barbecue and seating, perhaps?

The key is to make the space into what you want. This is your home. Allow your yard to serve you and your family, and express who you are. For help deciding what suits your needs and exploring the options, contact Meadowbrook Design today.