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By: Garden Summer

Keeping your garden looking its best in summer can be a challenge with the heat and humidity (or lack of!)—not to mention extra watering, weeding, and a whole new round of pests. What worked in spring to get your garden looking great probably needs some adjustments as the temperatures rise. Keep an eye out for plants that are stressed and see the summer care tips below on how to help your plants survive the heat.

Are You Plum Crazy for Purple?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Purple is the most requested flower color for the garden. The color purple can evoke a variety of moods, from calm to excited. So if you’re wanting more of this amazing color in your garden, check out these 20 purple flowering plants that you’re gonna love.

Summer Light in the Garden

Keith Wiley combines perennials, grasses and mounding shrubs to create a garden that puts on its own summer fireworks show. Learn from his planting wisdom with these 9 tips to create your own colorful summer landscape.

Shoo for Good

If mosquitoes are ruining your evenings outside and you’re not into using chemical-laden lotions or sprays, there’s a new solution. Shoo for Good wraps and scarves are sheer, lightweight, and have insect-repelling technology woven right into the fabric. These remarkable products also give back! So protect yourself, do some good, and learn more about Shoo for Good wraps and scarves.

Some Like It Hot!

If you’re looking for plants that can take the heat, check out your 47 new best friends. There are annuals, perennials, ground covers and shrubs to choose from, all suited perfectly for the warmer areas (even up to Zone 11!), including Luscious® lantana, Mojave® portulaca, and Blue My Mind® evolvulus (all pictured).

Summer Care for Succulents

Although heat isn’t generally a concern for succulents, heat plus sun can be deadly for many smooth-leaved succulents. Learn how to identify sunburn and care for your succulents in the summer, straight from the Queen of Succulents herself, Debra Lee Baldwin.

Japanese Beetles

Don’t let Japanese beetles feast on your garden this summer. Learn safe ways to get rid of them, including resistant and companion-plant choices. You’ll also discover how to prevent them from becoming a problem.