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By: Garden Design

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some fun in the sun—even if it is just playing corn hole in my own backyard. While celebrations and gatherings have taken on a different look this year, it’s no reason not to celebrate! So get outside, create some fun summer memories to look back on, and have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Holiday Inspiration

Bring a patriotic theme to your garden for the 4th or even after! If you’re feeling inspired by the upcoming holiday, here are some ideas for adding the perfect punch of red, white, and blue.

Summer Growing Tip: Don’t forget to fertilize your hard-working summer annuals often (you can even do it weekly when it’s really hot) with a good water-soluble fertilizer. The extra water your containers and hanging baskets required in summertime washes nutrients out of the soil quickly.

Summer Garden Party

Even if our summer get-togethers look a little—or a LOT—different this year, there are still things you can do to make a small family gathering beautiful and fun! Get tips, ideas, and recipes for a great summer garden party, no matter what the size!

13 Tips for Watering in Summer

We can all use a little extra hydration when it’s hot, and plants are certainly no exception. Are you watering yours correctly? At the right time? Often enough? Maybe too often? Check out these 13 tips that will help you make sure your plants make it through the heat happy and healthy.

21 Low-Maintenance Plants

As the weather heats up, time in the garden should be spent sitting in the shade, sipping a cold drink, and enjoying the results of all your hard work. Fill your garden with these 21 low-maintenance shrubs, perennials, annuals, and ground covers and you’ll be able to take the day off!

The GREAT Great Dixter

If you’re itching to get out and about (I sure am!), come take a virtual walk with me through Great Dixter. English gardens are known for their romantic style, and none more so than this one. Learn more about how it has evolved and changed (and how it hasn’t) through the years. 

“Explore” more gardens through photos or plan your next outing with our Self-Guided Day Trips to U.S. as well as international destinations.

Kids Gardening Activities for July

Watering plants and running through the sprinklers are two of the best go-to summertime activities for kids. But if you’re looking for a little something else to get your kids engaged in the garden this month, we’ve got you covered! Justine has rounded up six activities—four involve water play so you can stay cool, and two can be completed indoors on those especially hot afternoons.