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By: Garden Design

Are you desperately seeking some fresh color for your late summer garden? How about a plant that can multi-task? Looking for advice on how to help your summer-weary plants thrive? Or, are you new to gardening and not even sure where to begin? Look no further, we’ve got the answers to those questions and more!

Late Summer Celebrities

Don’t let your garden fade into the end-of-summer sunset—add asters! Asters come in a wide range of sizes and colors, grow well in sun or shade, thrive in all types of soil, and bloom summer into early fall. Learn more about these late summer garden stars, and get 6 design tips from experts.

Ground Cover Plants

Looking to troubleshoot a problem area of your garden? A ground cover plant could be just what you need. They can help control weeds, fill in bare spots, control erosion, and camouflage fading spring bulbs. There are ground covers for sun, shade, and everything in between. See 14 of our favorites and find one (or more) for your garden.

Contemporary Warmth

See how a California designer responded to the challenge of creating a modern, yet warm and inviting garden. Plus, he shares 5 tips to help you do the same—like using plants to connect to your surroundings.

Dog Days of Summer

Does your once magical garden look like it’s taking the rest of the summer off? If your plants have slowed (or stopped) blooming and foliage looks worn out, you’re not alone! We’ve found some advice that will help your plants thrive even as the heat rises.

PLUS: If you’re looking for Proven Winners plants that are available to purchase online, check these out!

Calling All (New) Gardeners!

This book is a must-have for all gardeners. But, if you’re new to gardening, the lessons and tips Daryl Beyers shares will have you inspired and well on your way to gardening success. Inside, you’ll learn about soil, selecting the best plants, watering, pruning, what to do about pests, and more.

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