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We hope your summer is off to a great start! If you and your garden are feeling the heat, help is on the way! This week, we have a plant that does it all, design advice and ideas for drought-stricken gardens, 47 plants that shine when the heat is on, and more. So don’t sweat it, we’ve got your summer garden covered! 

Violet Riot salvia plant

Drought resistant, low maintenance, and brightly colored flowers loved by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees—you can’t ask for much more in a plant. Salvia brings color and variety to summer gardens, especially when paired with plants that have bolder foliage and larger flowers. Get more care and design tips for this easy plant. 

Pictured: Color Spires® ‘Violet Riot’ salvia. Photo by Proven Winners.

Garden vignette in Encinitas, CA

Creating a landscape that is truly drought resistant goes well beyond choosing low-water plants and adding mulch, although those are definitely two very big components. Discover planting and design techniques, water-saving ideas, and maintenance tips that will help you design a garden that is both beautiful and tough. Pictured: A water-wise garden in Encinitas, CA.

Photo by: Richard Bloom.

yellow lantana, orange portulaca, blue evolvulus

If you’re looking for plants that can take the heat, check out your 47 new best friends. There are annuals, perennials, ground covers, and shrubs to choose from, all perfectly suited for warmer climates (even up to Zone 11!), including Luscious® lantana, Mojave® portulaca, and Blue My Mind® evolvulus (all pictured). Photos by ProvenWinners.

Summer Growing Tip: Don’t forget to fertilize your hard-working summer annuals often (you can even do it weekly when it’s really hot) with a good water-soluble fertilizer. The extra water your containers and hanging baskets require in summertime washes nutrients out of the soil quickly. 

Fall trees in Massachusetts

Ahhhh… Just thinking of cool fall air brings a smile to my face. This fall, feel the cool air yourself while you explore the Berkshires of Massachusetts with Joyce and Gwendy of Art in Bloom Garden Tours. Visit museums and gardens, such as the Berkshire Botanical Garden, Herbert Arboretum, and Chesterwood, plus go on a historic Shaker garden tour. See the full itinerary and get more information. Joyce and Gwendy offer a personal touch on all of their tours that is sure to make you want to return to them again.

“If at the end of the tour I’m sharing a hug with each participant, that’s the type of service and friendship we want to offer.” – Joyce, Art in Bloom Garden Tours

Courtyard garden with colored rock

On a hot day, even the illusion of water can help cool you off. See how a Garden Design reader and landscape designer transformed her courtyard garden, giving it a bright, Hawaiian beach feel. Her landscape design provides privacy without blocking light and is packed with color!

Photo by Christina Salwitz.

Japanese beetle

Don’t let Japanese beetles spoil your fun by feasting on your garden this summer. Learn safe ways to get rid of them, including resistant and companion plant choices. You’ll also discover how to prevent them from becoming a problem.