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By: Garden Design

This week, you’ll see summer flowers and a front yard yard design that works with nature and not against it. You’ll also find ideas on how you can support pollinators in your own garden, plus find out what you need to get in the ground now for a tasty fall.

Summer Flowers A-Z

Discover 20 summer bloomers, from angelonia to zinnia. You’ll find tried-and-true varieties, along with a few surprises mixed in.

Front Yard Re-Do

See how a Seattle homeowner turned his “old school” front yard into a lawn-free landscape that requires no mowing, watering, or fertilizing. By adding numerous native plants, he also created a welcoming wildlife habitat.

Bees Read This Book

Ok, how about ‘please’ read this book! This handy reference guide is great for new and seasoned gardeners alike, with 100 plants that welcome and nourish bees and other important pollinators into your garden. You’ll get pictures, recommended varieties, and helpful planting tips for each plant, as well as the notable garden visitors who will benefit and enjoy them. Find it in our bookstore now.

Fall Vegetable Gardens

Believe it or not, it’s about time to get those seedlings in the ground, depending on your zone. Northern zones need to act soon to harvest before the first frost; southern zones have a little more leeway. Here are 15 fall veggie garden favorites to get you started!

Supporting Pollinators

“Inviting insects to your garden and observing their behavior, watching them interact with each other and with your plants is truly one of the most fascinating and rewarding parts of being a gardener,” — Stacey Hirvela, for Proven Winners. See what else Stacey has to say about how we can do our part, along with a list of 36 plants that pollinators love.