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By: Garden Design

Does the rapidly approaching end to summer give you the blues, or make your heart sing? I, for one, am looking forward to fall. The cooler temperatures (it’s been a hot one here!) will be a welcome relief not only for us, but for our plants too! I’m starting to make some planting plans for this fall—how about you?

Sing the Blues

Did you know that plants with blue flowers make up less than 10% of the flowering plant kingdom? Even though they’re somewhat of a rarity, you still have many options—from groundcovers to large shrubs. And, if you plan carefully, your garden can sing the blues (in a good way!) from early spring through late fall. See 21 of our favorite blue-flowering plants.

Rock Your Garden

Add depth, dimension, and an earthy appeal to your landscape with a low-maintenance rock garden. Define a slope, replace a lawn, or simply enhance a corner with gravel and river stones. Discover the basic principles to get started, get a list of recommended plants, and see examples for inspiration.

See the High Sierra Through a Photographer’s Eyes

Calling all nature lovers! Garden Design artist, photographer, and web developer Josh Endres has produced a collection of stunning photos, along with dramatic (and sometimes comical!) tales that chronicle his exploration deep into the High Sierra over the past 10 years. 

“While my skills as a mountaineer and photographer evolved over the course of the decade, something else happened. The beautiful spaces I’d sought out revealed themselves as works of art.”

Learn more about this beautiful book, help support its production, and pre-order your copy now! (Prints are also available!)

September Gardening

There is a lot that can be done in and for the garden this month, no matter where you are: change out and refresh containers, order and plant bulbs, replenish soil, harvest the last of the summer vegetables, and much more. If you need suggestions for what you could (and should!) be doing this month, check out our regional gardening guides for September:

Ideas for Getting Kids Engaged Outdoors

Justine here—I’m back again with some ideas for getting kids outside this September! The school year has either just started or is in full swing all across the country. If the kids in your life are anything like my daughter, they’re probably ready for some outdoor time after they’re done with class and homework. Here are some ideas for projects to involve your little ones in—so they can get some Vitamin D while getting their hands dirty. Photo courtesy Proven Winners.

If it’s a little too hot to spend a long time outdoors, here are printable activities that can be completed indoors. Enjoy!