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Do you need help realizing the full potential of a small garden? Or do you have smaller areas within a larger landscape that could use some attention? This week, discover plants that are just the right size and get great design tips to inspire you to create amazing— yet smaller—outdoor spaces. Plus, see how creating dedicated spaces within your garden can actually make it feel bigger, get our latest favorite book, and take a virtual trip to gardens around the world!

Urban English garden with roses

Small garden spaces don’t have to be small on color, style, or functionality. Designer Karen Chapman shares what to consider when designing a small garden along with 13 design tips to help you maximize it’s potential. Plus, you’ll find 12 small gardens and more to inspire you to create your own beautiful—and functional—small garden

Pictured: An urban garden in the U.K. created by Greg Loades. See 5 lessons Greg learned through his own design process. 

Shrubs for small spaces

Just because you’re planting in a small area doesn’t mean you can’t use shrubs. Here are 10 great choices that won’t overwhelm a limited garden area, patio, or tight corner. Photos by: Proven Winners.

Garden room in suburban Washington, D.C.

Is your yard or garden separated into smaller functional areas? If not, do you wish it was? See how one homeowner in suburban Washington, D.C. created a series of garden rooms, each with a different function—gathering, relaxing, or simply watching the world go by. Photo by: Alli Guleria. 

Park Guell Barcelona

This August, Heygo is going full bloom with interactive live-streaming tours of the world’s best gardens. Even better, they’re guided by the expert gardeners who grew them and will field your questions as you go. From Gaudi’s green oasis in Barcelona, to a hidden bamboo temple in Kamakura, Japan, or the Botanical Garden in Paris (pictured)—Heygo is bringing the wonders of the natural world straight to your screen with the Botanical Gardens Festival all August on Heygo.com.

Garden house

If you love a good garden getaway space like we do, Debra Prinzing features 37 of them, along with their own unique stories, in her new book, Where We Bloom. Jim Peterson of Garden Design sat down with Debra to chat about a few of them along with her guidelines for creating the perfect space to allow your passions and hobbies to “bloom.” Check out the video of their discussionand buy the book!  You’ll love the photos!

Here are a few tips for gardening in August:

  • Continue to water deeply in late summer heat
  • Trim back annuals that have gotten leggy and deadhead reblooming perennials to encourage one last bloom for the year
  • Continue harvesting summer vegetables
  • Keep an eye out for warm-season pests such as aphids, borers, webworms, and spider mites
  • Refresh mulch to conserve water and suppress late-summer and fall weeds

Happy gardening!

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