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Landscape designers offer a specialized service creating the stunning outdoor environment you’ve always dreamed of. Landscape designers work with your requirements, vision, and available outdoor space to create a true oasis in your own backyard. However, many homeowners are uncertain as to what a landscape designer actually does when it comes to creating the ideal landscape. Here we look at five questions you can ask a landscape designer to determine what they can do for your home and your outdoor environment.


What Services Does A Landscape Designer Provide?

Figuring out exactly what services a landscape designer offers is essential when deciding whether you need a landscape designer for your project. The primary goal of a landscape designer is to analyze your space and take your needs into account while designing an outdoor environment that you will love to live, entertain and play in.
Some landscape designers focus solely on the design process. This means they develop a detailed plan for outdoor construction and planting to create the garden and landscape you want. Other landscape designers can also work with you to provide recommendations for specific issues or needs as they arise. Landscape designers can also act as the head contractor or coordinator to ensure the smooth completion of your landscape project.

What’s The Most Important Landscaping Goal?

Ultimately, the most important landscaping goal is addressing the homeowner’s needs and providing the ideal outdoor environment. Your perfect landscape may include a number of different factors depending on your priorities and needs. Your greatest priority may be building an environmentally friendly and drought resistant garden, or a carefully planned garden bed that will flourish all year round. Or perhaps you want to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining playground, with everything you need to spend long evenings cooking in your outdoor kitchen, and dining on your patio. The main goal for landscaping designers is to create a space that can be truly lived in and enjoyed for years to come.

Will A Designer Offer A Landscape Consultations?

It can be helpful to establish if your landscape designer will offer consultations for initial landscape planning or to solve specific issues. This allows you to envision what your new landscape could look like, and build a rapport between you and the landscape designer. A consultation is the ideal time to begin brainstorming your ultimate outdoor space. It can also be an opportunity to ask a landscape professional about how to tackle specific issues with your garden or landscape.

How Do You Choose The Right Plants For A Garden?

Choosing the right plants, organizing garden bed placement, and developing a complete garden design is the main part of what a landscape designer does. Years of detailed training and practical experience provide a landscape designer with a unique insight on what plants will fit into a particular garden. The landscape designer will also discuss plant choice with you, in order to build a garden that meets your goals and your needs as well.

What’s The Designer’s Landscape Design Process?

Before you work with a landscape designer it’s a good idea to understand what the process is. Each landscape designer may have a unique way of approaching design in order to best accommodate your requirements as well as producing an outstanding result for your garden. Some designers will start with a consultation and then move onto developing plans for your outdoor space. This may then progress to project management and coordination to ensure that you achieve your ideal landscaping results. To obtain more details on an individual landscape designer’s process, it is best to speak with them directly about how they work and what they can do for your space.

A landscape designer is a key professional who can help you transform your outdoor environment. Talk to your local landscape designer to learn more about their process and what they can do for your garden.