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Summer is the season we tend to spend the most time outdoors. Our yards become an extension of our living quarters like at no other time of year. To get the most enjoyment out of your long summer days, you’ll want to have any landscaping projects wrapped up in time to enjoy them this year. That’s why this is the time to plan.



Why is the Plan So Important

Having a plan is important. Good planning means that even if you aren’t putting in a fire pit now, and you plan to have one later, you’ll know to save space for it and install a gas line before doing projects in the space the line would pass through. Even if you don’t have the money to complete the plan all at once, having it to work from saves time, money, and hassle.


Landscape Plans for This Year


There are still many projects that you can plan and achieve before the end of spring, if you start now. It’s not too late to alter or create new flower beds, put in walkways and paths, or install new features like an outdoor seating area.


The key for completing 2018 summer projects now is to begin immediately. Have your landscape plan made now, with features that can be completed this season as well as step-by-step plans for any larger projects that can be addressed before next summer, like putting in an outdoor kitchen or creating a large structure, like a deck.


And Also Plans for Next Year

Conventional wisdom says start your landscape plans in summer or fall for the next spring. And that is still good advice. But there’s no reason not to start your next year’s plans this Spring, especially because of the convenience of breaking up tasks into things you can do before the end of this summer and those you’ll complete for next year. Spreading out an ambitious plan over 2 seasonal cycles lessens the workload over time, and still leaves your landscape lovely in the off seasons, when properly planned by a quality landscape architect.


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