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Whether you’re transforming an outdoor entertaining space or simply re-doing a single garden bed the advice of a landscape designer can be indispensable. One of the areas that landscape design is most crucial is for small garden design. In a small garden, you don’t have the luxury of unlimited space to let your imagination run wild. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create the outdoor oasis of your dreams in your compact garden. Here we look at five tips for outstanding landscape design, to make the most even the smallest gardens.

Be Creative With Using Space

In a small garden, you don’t might not have a lot of ground space to work with. This may mean your options are limited when it comes to how many beds you plant. However, making use of other outdoor space such as the house walls or the garden fences can quickly multiply your gardening space. Install trellises on the walls or the fences to grow decorative or fruit vines. Using wall-mounted or hanging flower pots, you can add a burst of life to every inch of your garden. This design not only looks outstanding, it gives you the opportunity to nurture a greater variety of plants in your small garden.

Have A Season Adapting Garden

It’s essential to have a garden that looks outstanding all year round when you’re working with a smaller space. A combination of hardscapes along with permanent plants provides a garden environment that looks attractive all year round. Bare branches and dormant plants are harder to miss in a small garden. If you can’t live without your favorite plant that only blooms in the spring, integrate perennials with permanent plants and interesting hardscapes to ensure that when your seasonal plants fade, you’re left with permanent fixtures that are still beautiful.

Break Down Boundaries

While walls and fences are often essential, they could be closing down your compact garden and making it appear even smaller. Making walls and fences disappear is a good way to add depth and dimension to your small garden. You can achieve this affect by installing trellises for vines to grow against your walls or your fences. You can also grow taller plants or hedges in front of walls to conceal them. If you’d rather keep your plant growth on the ground, painting the walls or fences of your garden a darker color can help draw attention away from the fences and towards the beauty of your small garden. Darker colored exteriors are on trend for this year and they also help to highlight a smaller garden’s natural beauty while minimizing the effect of walls and fences.

Choose The Right Plants And Trees

Choosing the right plants and trees for a small garden is essential. Not only do you want the right plants to bring maximum beauty to your compact space, you also want to ensure your choice is fitting for your space. You don’t want to choose trees that may grow to a size that will overwhelm your compact garden. You also don’t want to choose plants that grow too fast and take over your garden. Asking a landscape designer who is experienced in gardening and horticulture can help you find the right fit and position for your favorite plants in your small garden.

Don’t Be Afraid To Decorate

Your small garden should be a place to enjoy and relax. Don’t be afraid to decorate and design with splashes of color, outdoor art, a small water feature, or an outdoor seating area. With skillful design, a landscape designer can help you find the right fit to maximize the potential of your small garden, and turn it into your ideal oasis.

Just because your garden is small doesn’t mean it has to be dreary. Working with an experienced landscape designer, you can make the most of even the smallest garden spaces to create a true outdoor sanctuary for your home.