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Entertainment is an undeniably important part of our busy, modern lives. And while we all have different ideas about what’s fun, designing an outdoor space is good for any kind of gathering. If you plan to turn your yard into a haven, here are some ideas to inspire your creativity. 



Whether indoors or out, furniture is an important element of design. When selecting furniture for your outdoor space, think about what kind of styles you like. Minimalistic furniture with clean lines in light, neutral colors can give an outdoor entertainment space a modern vibe. On the other hand, brightly colored seating with patterned throw pillows creates a fun, bold feeling. Textured elements, like wicker or wood, make an outdoor oasis seem tropical and beachy.


When designing an outdoor space, the lighting you select sets the mood. There are many lighting options to choose from. Tall floor lamps are elegant in a minimalistic space, while tiki torches may work well for an exotic oasis-themed locale. As an added benefit, tiki torches and any flame-based light source help deter biting insects. Fairy lights or outdoor string bulb lights are versatile options that add a soft, whimsical source of lighting that’s functional, as well as decorative.


Don’t forget about landscaping! Landscaping, while easily overlooked, is an essential element of designing an outdoor space.  Mindfully placed hanging greenery draws the eye upward, while potted plants add greenery that beautifies any entertainment space. Trees or vining plants can make your space feel secluded and peaceful, while offering the added benefits of shade and privacy from the neighbors. And, as always, landscaped gardens or a well-maintained stretch of lawn make any outdoor space more welcoming

Special Elements When Designing an Outdoor Space

A surefire way to make your outdoor space more beautiful and eye-catching is to add a special element. Special elements can include things like a handbuilt deck or natural elements, such as a small koi pond, a rock retaining wall, or a fire ring. Natural elements are always extra special. Incorporating water, fire, or stone is a great way to bring nature into your design.

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