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When people plan new home improvements they often focus on labor, working with contractors and construction workers to get the job done. In the process, they often lose sight of the final overall home landscaping aesthetic and curb appeal they seek. Here are some examples of home improvements that can require some updates in your landscaping.

Addition of a Pool

If you’ve decided to add a pool to your yard, congratulations!  Your summers will now be much more fun and relaxing, laying poolside basking in the sun or swimming in the cool water.

The process of installing a pool can be arduous, though. There will be excavation to move away earth and create the shape and drainage. Concrete and other materials will be brought in to fabricate the pool. This process can entirely tear up your yard. Areas away from the designated pool region can be damaged by trucks and equipment. The installation of a pool can require releveling or even sloping the ground to redirect water flow away from the pool. No one wants storm drainage to overflow their pool. 

In the middle of all this chaos, it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight and integrate the pool into your larger yard design. You may want to add a patio or decking, with walkways to the pool area. Once your pool is built, you may want to add some new trees, bushes, and flowers to turn it into a paradise. It may also be time to lay new sod or plant replacement grass where construction damaged your lawn.

Installing New Fencing

You may decide to add a new fence to your home for security, convenience, the safety of your children or pets. Adding in a fence seems like a simple task, just adding it around the perimeter of the yard. But new fencing alters the flow and feel near your house, and you may want to change your home landscaping to maintain or improve the welcoming feel of your yard space. Fences can be fitted with a trellis to allow vines to grow, or a border of flowering plants can integrate the new boundary into the overall scheme of your yard. You can even take this time to add a matching gazebo or flower boxes.

Building a Bungalow

You can increase their home square footage, utility, and property values by building a bungalow. This can be a small building or cottage in the yard, a home-office space, children’s play-space, guest home, or mother-in-law suite. Building any new structure on your property or in your yard will usually require additional home landscaping to make it feel natural in the space. You might need to add pathways to the building, hardscaping features (such as rails, fencing or stone walls), and softscaping features (such as flowers and bushes). All of this will make the bungalow look integrated into the larger property.

When you elect to invest in home improvement, consider also contacting a landscaping design company to help integrate your additions into the overall structure of your property. These professionals can ensure that your new improvements are incorporated into your yard in line with your ideal landscape design.