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When you have a small yard, it’s important to be intentional with your space to maximize every ounce of it. With a bit of planning and creativity, your tiny yard can feel just as grand as a larger one. Check out these space-saving tips from a  Lafayette landscape design professional so you can enjoy your backyard this summer! 


Lafayette Landscape Design Tips


  • Cut through the clutter with thoughtful storage planning. When you have limited space, reducing visual clutter can help your yard feel bigger and more organized. Store gardening tools in a bin in the garage, have a special basket for dog toys, and make sure every non-stationary item has a place.
  • Get creative with a murphy bar. A murphy table is a great way to enjoy patio fixtures without the space commitment. Simply fold it down when you are ready to use it and fold it back up when you are done. Line the shelving with your favorite bottles of alcohol and stack cute plants on top!
  • Enjoy portable appliances for every season. No space for a large grill? Why not try a smaller, portable version of one? Try a portable fire pit, bonfire, doughboy pool, or a small grill. If you rotate these appliances as you use them, your yard will feel refreshed with every season. 


  • Try a vertical herb garden. Who says you can’t enjoy plants in a tiny backyard? Vertical planting can help you enjoy the satisfaction and freshness of home-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs without taking up too much space. Attach a wooden trellis to a wall, fence, or the side of a shed. Line the trellis with tin cans or jars, and plant your favorite herbs.
  • Plant climbing vines. Vines offer visual interest without taking up too much square footage. Flowering or fruiting vines can climb trellises, fences, walls, or other vertical fixtures to add a pop of color and provide shade. 


  • Make it whimsical with string lights. Draped string lights make every night feel like a special occasion. To give the illusion of height, and therefore more space, attach your string lights to the highest possible points in your yard – this could be somewhere on your roof, a tree, a fence, or a pole. 
  • Try succulent wall art. Living art can add color and style to your small yard! Arrange a bright array of succulents in a short, rectangular planter box. Give the roots about a month to establish so the succulents can adhere to the planter, then hang vertically on a fence or wall.
  • Create space with a classic mirror trick. Reflective surfaces make a space seem bigger! Utilize this visual trick by hanging a round or rectangular mirror on your outdoor wall or fence.
  • Enjoy the peaceful sounds of a water feature – without the space! Place a rock waterfall or water basin fountain in an unused corner of your yard. The sounds of cool water trickling can make a tiny patio feel like a poolside oasis. 

Lafayette Landscape Design

Landscape design can help reinvent your yard into a space that you enjoy in every season. If you are looking for a professional to help with your Lafayette landscape design, contact Meadowbrook Design! You can schedule a consultation by clicking here. Our office can be reached at (925) 200-3661.