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Landscape Design Tips and Tricks

As you are looking to redo your front or backyard, we have a few landscape design tips and tricks to help you in planning and executing on your design ideas.  These are often used by professional landscape designers and architects:



A tarp is a useful tool that can help you move lightweight bulky debris. For instance, if you need to move a bunch of leaves or weeds. The tarp can also be utilized for covering up any plants that are purchased from your local nursery or hardware store.

Have a Natural Pathway

Many individuals think a good solution for pathways is have a plastic, wood, or metal edge. The issue with such is their permanent nature. Should you want to modify your look or even to maintain it right, it could be challenging. Thus, we recommend natural barriers to create a path.


Create the Right Soil

Planting a tree or other shrubs should not be done without the extra ingredients in fertilizer or new soil. It’s essential to give these new plants the extra boost by having soil enriched with starter fertilizer. This will increase the likelihood of success in your planting.


Quality over Quantity

If you are a weekend gardener, it’s essential not go cheap on gardening tools. Just like with most items, the cheaper equipment are usually “one-time” use items. Therefore, do not just get the cheapest tools but spend some money to at least get quality gardening supplies.


Cluster Annuals

When planting annuals, focus on having them in a few strategic and easily accessible areas. While you may be inclined to spread them out, this would make it very difficult whenever you try to replace them. In having them localized, you know exactly where you need to replace each time.


Separate Areas

Similar to the recommendation for annuals, it’s important to make grass areas easily navigable. When you mow, you want to be able to mow clearly and not have to try to get around a tree or shrub. Thus, use mulch to cover the areas around these items and then create a natural barrier with the grass so you can easily mow around the home.

While there are many other tips to the trade, the above list should give you a starting point for designing and doing your landscaping. For more questions and tips, reach out to Meadowbrook Design.