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With temperatures getting colder, it’s a great time to think about doing some indoor gardening and also start thinking about your 2023 garden. This week you’ll find helpful information on a vibrant flowering bulb that you can grow indoors, get ideas for keeping your garden colorful year-round, discover plants to get in the ground now for early spring color, learn about our new webinar series for 2023, and more!

Red amaryllis flower

Brighten your day with a vibrant amaryllis. Don’t know how to grow one or where to get them? That’s what we’re here for. Check out our Guide to Growing Beautiful Amaryllis for all the info you’ll need—whether you’re indoor gardening for some winter cheer, or planting them in the garden outside for spring blooms.

*When started indoors, amaryllis usually take six to eight weeks to bloom. Get yours started now for beautiful holiday flowers! They also make great holiday gifts.

Red tuteur in garden

Another thing to think about when transitioning our gardens into fall and winter, is keeping them colorful. Carefully placed garden art can can “hold down the color fort” when the bright colors of spring and summer have faded. See how the owners of this New Hampshire dairy farm decorated with bold, colorful pieces and get 5 tips to help you place your own garden art in just the right spot. Photo by: Pam Penick.

field of spring flowering bulbs

A naturalistic garden style emulates nature in all her wild ways. Many spring-flowering bulbs appeal to those who enjoy a natural look by inviting pollinators into the gardens. The beauty of naturalizing is that the tiny bulbs will multiply and produce more flowers every year and flower in succession for many weeks. Visit FlowerBulbs.com for more information.

There are only two more chances to win $100 in bulbs! Check our Instagram posts today and next Thursday and enter to win!

7 Perennials to Plant in Fall for Gorgeous Spring Color
7 Shrubs to Plant in Fall for Gorgeous Spring Color

Join our friend, Jenny from Creekside Nursery, as she shares some of her favorite perennials and shrubs to plant now to fill your early spring garden with lots of color. Many of these plants are still available to order online (but time is running out quickly!), or you can check with your local garden center.

Fergus Garrett of Great Dixter

We’re excited to announce the first of 10 webinars for 2023—Layered Planting for a Long Season with Fergus Garrett, head gardener of The Great Dixter, on Saturday, February 18. Fergus is one of the all-time gardening greats and you’ll come away with lots of ideas to extend the growing season’s beauty in your own garden. 

Other speakers through the year will include David Culp (Brandywine Cottage), Dan Benarcik (Chanticleer), Jan Johnsen (landscape designer & author), and many others! Get on the list to be notified when registration opens and when more dates, topics, and speakers are announced.

As with our past webinars, all who are registered will receive a recording in case you’re not able to join us that day, or want to listen again. The day before the webinar, you’ll get notes to print out to follow along, as well as updated notes and comments the following day.