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It’s officially fall! If you’re wondering if you should be making additions to your garden this time of year, the answer is yes! Whether you’re planting bulbs, trees, shrubs, perennials, or cool-season annuals and veggies, now is the perfect time to get them in the ground. What are you planting this fall?

Planting pansies

Although spring gets all the mainstream attention, many gardeners know that fall is where it’s at! The still-warm soil helps boost root growth, the cooler temps are less stressful (for plants and gardeners!), and summer pests and diseases aren’t as big of a threat in the coming months. Get a jump start on spring and learn how, what, and why to plant in fall.

Plus, see below for a tool that will help you get all those plants in the ground!

Small trees

Trees are valuable assets to any landscape, providing structure and shade, as well as habitats for wildlife. And, with shrinking lot sizes in many urban areas, smaller-sized trees are becoming more and more popular. If you’re looking to add trees to your landscape this fall, here are 19 great options to plant in fall that won’t outgrow their surroundings. 

spring flowering bulbs for pollinators

By early spring, bees and essential pollinators have consumed most of the honey and pollen available. Early spring-flowering bulbs like snowdrops, crocus, and species tulips—to name a few—provide a crucial early food source when few other plants are blooming. Help feed vital pollinators with critically important spring-flowering bulbs. Visit FlowerBulbs.com for more information.

Cottage garden slope planting

Is planting a slope on your to-do list this fall? It’s a great time to do it! Plant roots help stabilize hillsides and guard against erosion, and planting in fall helps plants develop better root systems. It’s a win-win! Develop the perfect planting plan with ideas, inspiration, plant suggestions and more with our guide to hillside landscaping. Designer: David Coennen. Photo: Janet Loughrey.

Twist 'n Plant auger

If you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to dig holes for all those plants this fall, then you need Twist ‘n Plant gardening auger. These solid steel augers are available in 3 sizes, allowing you to dig holes up to 24 inches deep! You can also use them to plant larger plants, as well as till soil or mix in fertilizer and amendments. Save time—and your back! Plus, they make great holiday gifts for garden-loving friends!

Collage from September Garden webinar
A Journey Through Your September Garden

with David Culp
Thursday, Sept. 22 @ 6PM EST*

Join us today for the latest session with David Culp, as he and Jim talk about bulbs (fall and spring bloomers), new plants coming your way, and ways to keep your fall garden going strong. Register now and we’ll “see” you later! Photos by: Rob Cardillo.

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Bright Light Houseplants

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your houseplants this time of year. With the sun changing position in the sky, the amount of light coming in through your windows will also change. Make sure your bright-light indoor plants are still getting enough light. If not, they may need repositioning to a brighter spot for fall and winter. See our list of 14 houseplants that like it bright, plus care tips to keep them looking their best. Photos by: Proven Winners.

I’ve seen a few monarch butterflies cruising through my garden lately, possibly in the midst of their fall migration. Including plants in your garden that bloom late summer to fall will help provide fuel along their way (see suggestions for what to grow). Also, keeping your garden free of harmful pesticides will assure them safe passage. Are you seeing monarchs passing through your garden?

Happy gardening!

*Check out monarchwatch.org for more.