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Even though the official first day of summer isn’t for another few weeks, the unofficial kickoff begins this weekend. Make sure you and your garden are ready with garden-to-table recipes, a welcoming entry for guests, plants to help keep the bugs away, and more! 

Mosquito-repellent plants

Don’t let mosquitoes chase you inside and ruin a nice summer evening. Shoo them away naturally by adding these 12 plants to your porch or patio areas. They not only help the ‘skeeters stay away, but they look nice too! 

Garden Party setting

It’s time to show off all that hard work you’ve been doing in your garden. Make sure you’re ready with our summer garden party tips such as accessorizing with containers, setting the mood with lighting, or planting a “happy hour” garden with fresh cocktail ingredients. Photo by: Proven Winners.

Porch with hanging baskets

Welcome guests (and yourself) with a beautiful front entry. See 10 ways to enhance the front of your home with flowers, from simple ideas to ones that take a little more time and effort. Planning to sell your home? These ideas will also increase your property value and help your home sell quicker. Photo by: Proven Winners.

Herb garden pot

Herbs picked straight from the garden add so much flavor and freshness to summertime recipes: add just-picked rosemary to potatoes cooked on the grill, muddle mint in a glass for a refreshing mojito or iced tea, or use fresh basil to make pesto for a light pasta dinner or strawberry basil agua fresca (recipe here). Learn how to start your own herb garden and add some fresh-from-the-garden flavor to your favorite summer recipes. 

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Twist 'n Plant auger

If you’ve still got some planting to do before those summer backyard parties, then you need Twist ‘n Plant gardening auger to make it go faster. These solid steel augers are available in 3 sizes, allowing you to dig holes up to 24 inches deep! You can use them to plant small or large plants, as well as till soil or mix in fertilizer and amendments. Save timeā€”and your back! Plus, they make great gifts for garden-loving friends (and dads)!

Garden Bed Planning - Creekside

Hey, y’all!  Meet Jenny with Creekside Nursery in North Carolina. In this video,Jenny identifies the questions you should ask yourself when designing a new garden bed. She also shares tips on how they planted a new flower bed at their home and what they did to make sure it has four seasons of interest. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to get updates on the bed’s progress throughout the summer. 

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Want a peek at some of the best exhibits at the Chelsea Flower Show? Our friend Karen Chapman of LeJardinet Designs was there earlier this week! She sent us some great photos and design tips that Dayna is sharing on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Make sure you’re following us to catch the highlights and scroll back to see what you might have missed.