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Garden Design Newsletter for July

This week, make your life a bit better with easy-care shrubs and trees, boost your mood with fragrant flowers, and freshen your indoor spaces with a houseplant that virtually anyone can grow. Plus, learn a great method of narrowing your plant choices and get tips on how to create harmony in your garden.

Crape Myrtle trees and shrubs

Crape myrtle trees and shrubs have something to offer all year: exfoliating bark in the winter, showy flowers in late spring to summer, and colorful fall foliage—which is why they are one of my favorites. Plus, they come in a wide variety of sizes (from 2 to 30 feet tall) and are extremely easy to care for. Read more about these beautiful trees and shrubs, and see if one, or more, are right for your garden. (Note: If you’re in the southeast, check with local experts to see if they’re appropriate for your area). 

Patio with blue pots and flowers

See how Seattle-area homeowners transformed a half acre of rock-laden soil into a lush garden that brings together a melting pot of styles. Following their journey, they outlined 7 principles that you can use to create your own harmonious garden. Pictured: This “sunken” garden off the back porch is a perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee. 

Aphrodite sweetshrub flower

Did you know that floral scents can improve your mood and bring a sense of calm? And who couldn’t use a little calm in their lives? Choose your favorite(s) from these 10 fantastically fragrant shrubs. Pictured: ‘Aphrodite’ sweetshrub (Calycanthus hybrid). Photo by: Proven Winners.

eGardenGo collage

One of the toughest gardening decisions is deciding what to plant. You not only have to choose plants that work for the location—soil, sunlight, size, etc.—but you also want plants that fit the overall style and color palette of your garden. Luckily for us, Darcy Daniels of eGardenGo has created a “plant selection funnel” that walks us through that selection process and makes life so much easier!  

Peace lily plant

Here’s a plant that even has “peace” in its name. One of the most popular houseplants (because they are so stress-free), peace lilies can be grown successfully by even the most novice houseplant parent. 

Did you know that simply looking out over a green landscape can lift your mood? Add in the sound of birds chirping, leaves blowing in the breeze, and the smell of blooming flowers, and you’ve got the recipe for a great mood booster—right outside your door. Go check it out!