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Gardening in November can be a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful fall colors in your garden. November is a great time for planting bulbs, perennials, and shrubs. It is also a good time to mulch to help protect plants from winter damage. In November you should also plant trees that are native to your area or that need special conditions such as well-drained soil.

Gardening in November is a fun activity. It can help you relax and enjoy the last few weeks of the year.

1) Designing your garden:

The design of your garden will depend on what you want to do with it. If you just want a space for decoration, then a simple design would be best. If you want to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, and other plants in your garden, then a more complex design might be needed. The type of plants that you have will also affect the design of your garden.

2) Preparing your soil:

Before planting anything in your garden, it’s important to make sure that the soil is ready for planting. You’ll need to remove any weeds or debris from the ground and add any necessary nutrients or

With the temperatures starting to cool down, it’s a great time to think about doing some growing indoors and start thinking about your 2022 garden. This week you’ll find helpful information on a vibrant flowering bulb, tips on laying the foundation for a successful spring, how to protect potted perennials, and more. Plus, don’t miss out on our next webinar!  

November is the time to prepare for the winter. It is time to start thinking about your garden if you haven’t already.

During Gardening in November, you need to take care of your existing plants and make sure they are healthy enough for winter. You can fertilize them with manure or compost, but don’t over-fertilize because that might kill them during the winter months when they need less food.

Amazing Amaryllis Landscape Design

Brighten your day with a vibrant amaryllis. Don’t know how to grow one or where to get them? That’s what we’re here for. Check out our Guide to Growing Beautiful Amaryllis for all the info you’ll need—whether you’re growing them indoors for some winter cheer, or planting them in the garden for spring blooms. (They also make great holiday gifts!)

*When started indoors, amaryllis usually take six to eight weeks to bloom. Get yours started now for beautiful holiday flowers!

Moon Garden Landscape Design

If you’re thinking of making some changes to your garden for next year, how about designing an area to enjoy at night? White flowers and silver or variegated foliage reflect the moonlight, and night-blooming fragrant flowers create a multi-sensory experience. Discover more design tips and plant suggestions to help you design your own magical moon garden. Pictured: The White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle.  

David Culp's Landscape Design garden

Gardening in November? David Culp is never at a loss for finding enjoyment, appreciation, and something to do no matter what time of year. There are still seats available to join us on Thursday, November 11 @ 6PM EST as he talks about how you can enjoy your garden (and life in general!) in November. Get more information and see what topics will be discussed.

Can’t join us at that time?  All who are registered will receive a link to view the recording as well as a slide-by-slide plant list and notes. 

Garden soil

Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your spring garden is test and amend the soil in fall? It’s important not to overlook how your soil impacts the ultimate success (or failure) of your garden. Learn the ground rules for preparing your soil and and lay the foundation for a beautiful landscape.

Dolce Heuchera trio Garden design Plants

Don’t turn your container-planted perennials into annuals by killing them in cold weather. Learn how to properly prepare and care for them to ensure they’ll survive the winter and be ready to shine again in spring. Photo by: Proven Winners. 


What Can I Do in the Garden in November? There’s plenty, believe it or not!

For Colder Climates
Start a garden journal
Test & amend your soil
Add compost & mulch
Prep row covers, hoop houses, etc.
Mark locations of perennials & bulbs
Plan new projects, raised beds, etc. 
Maintain & store tools
Add houseplants
Start an indoor herb garden
For Warmer Climates
Start a garden journal
Test & amend soil
Add compost & mulch
Continue planting spring bulbs
Divide perennials, share with friends
Plant cool-season flowers & veggies
Bring in tropicals when below 50*F
Keep on top of weeds
Plant citrus trees (Zones 9 & up)
holiday garden design

In need of some new holiday decor this holiday season? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite items that will bring holiday cheer to your home and garden.

garden Gifts

There’s no need to venture out into the crowds to find the perfect gifts for the gardeners on your list. Stay cozy at home and check out these Garden Design favorites.


Proven Winners is wrapping up their online orders for the year. Order through Saturday, November 6 for immediate shipping. Click here to see what’s still available!

Dog Happy on Garden
Over the weekend, we took the “fall is a great time for planting” advice and ran with it, adding over 30 plants to our front yard. We removed the typical “California front lawn” awhile ago and are going with a much more eco-friendly design. I can’t wait to see how it fills in by the time next summer rolls around. And, we had the cutest 4-legged “helper,” our granddog, Ozzy.

Are you making any big changes this fall or winter? I’d love to see what you’re doing!  

Happy gardening!

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