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Creating a stunning, impactful and sustainable landscape relies on a variety of factors. These can include providing the right landscape architecture, choosing the right plants and trees, carefully integrating hardscapes and softscapes, and incorporating sustainable design. But one of the most significant elements that is often overlooked is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting allows your beautifully designed yard to be enjoyed both day and night, boosts curb appeal, and facilitates outdoor entertainment. Here we look at the many ways garden lights can transform landscape design and outdoor environments.

Set the Mood

Just like indoors, lighting in your yard can really set a certain mood and create warmth and life on your garden, even after the sun sets. Want to set a romantic and enchanting mood in your cozy outdoor entertaining area? Or perhaps accent and highlight some of the more stunning features of your landscape for impressive curb appeal? By working with an experienced landscape designer, landscape lighting can do all this and more.

Show Off Your Landscape Features

One of the reasons many homeowners wish to incorporate landscape lighting is to show off a certain landscape feature particularly at night. Beautifully crafted gardens, courtyards, an attractive trellis, stunning water feature or a pool are all important features of your outdoor landscape, but no one will know they are there without lighting. Landscape designers can provide creative and effective landscape lighting that draws the eye to your special landscape feature to ensure it gets noticed.

Promote Outdoor Entertaining

Effective garden lights are essential for outdoor entertaining, because no one wants to sit, eat or cook outside in the dark. Your landscape lighting can provide lighting that sets the mood in your outdoor entertaining area, while also providing targeted task lighting for work areas such as around the grill. Your outdoor lighting can also accent or draw attention to the best features of your outdoor entertaining area, such as a gazebo, outdoor kitchen/bar or fire pit.

Path and Driveway Safety

Apart from aesthetics, another extremely important aspect of landscape lighting is safety. It’s often essential that outdoor driveways, paths, stairs and landings are independent lit to provide a clear path and prevent trips and falls. You may be liable for accidents and injuries that occur on your property, and not having adequate outdoor lighting can be a significant cause of accidents. A landscape designer can work with you to provide landscape lighting that safely illuminates paths and walkways while showing off the best of your garden.


Dark and distant corners of your yard can also invite unwanted dangers and risk, and one of the easiest ways to counteract this is with light. Keeping your outdoor areas well-lit deters potential thieves and troublemakers.

With effective landscape lighting, you can achieve a safe, sustainable and effective way to show off the best of your landscape design. Talk to a professional landscape designer today about how the right residential or commercial garden lights design can complement and illuminate your unique outdoor environment.