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It’s the season to give thanks, and we’re thankful for nature. This week we’re sharing garden ideas that give back to the environment and help local wildlife. We hope you’ll consider including some of these ideas in your garden as well. What are you thankful for?

Drainage swale in rain garden

Rain gardens are an important solution to storm water runoff and pollution. You don’t need a large drainage swale like the one pictured here—even a small sunken area within a bed or border can be beneficial. Learn how to integrate a rain garden into your outdoor space. Photo by Rob Cardillo.

Also see our favorite rain garden plants.

Bird in birdbath

From ideas as small as adding a bird bath to as large as planting a native oak tree, Doug Tallamy gives you 10 suggestions on how to make a difference in the lives of local wildlife.

Great Dixter and speakers for 2023 webinars

Our 10-part webinar series is getting better by the minute! With guests like Fergus Garrett, David Culp, Dan Hinkley, Dan Benarcik, and Jan Johnsen (and more to come!), these webinars are sure to be inspirational, informative, and filled with ideas! Don’t miss out! Sign up to be notified when registration opens and when new speakers and dates are announced. Photo by: Claire Takacs.

Berry Poppins plant with red berries & birds

As temperatures—and leaves—drop in Northern and Midwest gardens, food and shelter can become harder to find for wildlife. At the same time, Southern gardeners can find themselves hosting new visitors that have migrated their way south. Make sure you’re doing your part to help by including some of these plants in your garden.

“Even when they are dormant, our gardens support all kinds of living creatures.” – Susan Martin


We’re excited for these new eco-friendly, petroleum-free pots! They’re also compostable and self-feeding—with nutrients built right into the pot that are perfect for starting seeds. And, when it comes time to plant your seedlings, just pop off the tabs and plant the entire pot right into the ground for continued fertilizing as the pot breaks down. Learn more about Eco-Pots.    

Add Proven Harvest seeds and you’ve got a great holiday present for the seed-starting gardener in your life. Order individual seed packs, seed collections, or combos that include Eco-Pots!

Fall garden, Rick Darke's sustainable garden

Take a stroll through ecologist and horticulturist Rick Darke’s 1.5-acre Pennsylvania property. Darke and his wife care for the completely sustainable garden all by themselves—and that’s not even the most impressive fact about the property. Photo by Rick Darke.

Garden gift ideas

Check out Garden Design’s best picks for holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, garden decor, and tools. Find a bird feeder for mom, hand-turned garden tools for dad, an auger for a gardening friend, books to read by the fire, and much more. And the best part—they can all be ordered right from home! 

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Pictures from gardens in Cotswolds region

Just three spots are left on this tour through the Cotswold region of England with landscape craftsman Jerry Fritz and his wife, Amy. Sign up now to take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet owners and head gardeners in some of the most beautiful private gardens and country estates of this region. Get more information and reserve your spot!