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By: Garden Design

This week it’s about trying something new and designing a garden that you can enjoy all year. You’ll find shrubs for year-round color, 10 lessons taken straight from famous gardens, inspiration to bend some traditional rules, and design ideas to light up your space. Plus, a little Halloween spirit.

Evergreen Shrubs for All-Season Color

Soon the fall colors will fade, but if you have evergreen shrubs, your garden will still be vibrant. See 10 of the best evergreen shrubs, along with winter-protection tips.

Flowering Quince

Give your garden a jump start on spring with an early-blooming, flowering quince shrub. If you’ve avoided growing quince in the past because of their thorns, there’s no reason to hesitate any longer. Get a new thornless cultivar in the ground now!

10 Lessons from Famous Gardens

Create an immersive garden experience by using tall plants in areas other than the back of the border—you can create a secret walkway or surround a secluded sitting area. That’s just one of 10 great lessons from famous gardens that we hope will inspire you to try something new.

Ornamental Edibles

Blur the lines of a beautiful landscape and a delicious tasting garden by blending edible plants with ornamentals. Challenge your design skills and create a garden that contains combos like this sophisticated fall pot that includes Toscano kale.

Light Up Your Landscape

Noticeably shorter days mean it’s time to make sure your outdoor lighting is in good working order. And, if you don’t have any, now’s a good time to add it. Strategically placed lighting not only adds beauty to evenings outside, it also adds safety. Get ideas for adding decorative and functional lighting to your outdoor areas.

Halloween Spirit

Halloween may look a bit different this year, but this list of 15 plants with spooky names just might get you in the spirit! And, if you like the look of a dark and mysterious garden all year, check out these goth garden design ideas.