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Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas – Check out these front yard landscape design ideas that show you how to turn a boring front yard into a beautiful, functional space.

In 2021, curb appeal is everything. Whether you’re looking to stay put for years to come, or sell your home, few things affect the value of your house more than your landscaping. If you really want to drastically raise the value of your investment, consider recruiting the help of a local landscaper. Hiring a pro makes having a perfectly manicured lawn and beautiful garden areas stress-free. Of course, you can still enjoy working on your yard for fun, but you won’t have to worry about the upkeep! Need some design ideas for your front yard? Here are four trends that are the hallmark of Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and Concord landscape design.


1. Making the Most of Negative Space

Do you have bare patches on your lawn? If you’re reluctant to do a full turf overhaul, consider this instead: utilize that negative space by turning it into a water or garden feature. In particular, water features can raise your home’s value by as much as $10,000, and you’d be surprised at how affordable they are to install. A flourishing pond or stream can be accentuated by a variety of low-maintenance plants that add some much-needed greenery to your home. Koi fish are another colorful option for a home pond.

2. Year of the Statement Tree

In addition to front yard water features, we’re seeing a splurge of “statement trees” among homeowner’s in the Bay Area. What’s a statement tree you ask? It’s a beautifully dramatic tree that accentuates your home by adding dimension and interest to the front yard. We’re a big fan of Japanese maples, flowering dogwoods, or birch. A good landscaping company can take care of everything, from sourcing a great tree to installing it with irrigation, and more. PS: you can buy trees at a variety of ages, so if you want a larger tree now, that’s entirely possible!

3. Adding Fencing and Gates

Decorative gates, fencing, and entry paths are making a resurgence in 2021. Not only does it give your home a timeless, adobe-style quality, but it’s functional as well. Potential home buyers with dogs or little ones in tow will readily pay more for a home with a fence. But one way to really upgrade your home’s curbside appeal is to have an ornate gate or pergola to greet arriving guests. First impressions matter!

4. A Way to Beautify Your Driveway

One common homeowner pitfall is the drab concrete slab. If your home has a prominent concrete driveway, it might just be giving your home an industrial, unwelcoming vibe. The easiest way to remedy this is with a “living edge,” or a garden path alongside the driveway. This will distract the eye from the open space, and beautifully frame the yard and the entryway to your home.

Concord Landscape Design

Front yard landscape design ideas are important. A front yard is the first thing people see when they come to your home. Our team of professional designers can help you create a beautiful, functional outdoor space that reflects your style and personality.2021’s ideal home is the personal oasis. Lush greenery, interesting water features, and privacy-boosting elements work together to create a chic getaway, all from the comfort of your own address. What other features are dominating Concord landscape design in 2021? Contact Meadowbrook Design at (925) 200-3661 to learn more about professionally landscaping your yard.