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There are so many possibilities for your outdoor spaces! While flowers are still popular for many, the latest trend is creating a vegetable garden that not only looks amazing, but also allows you to grow delicious food you’ll be able to use when you cook.

There is a common attitude that gardens can either be beautiful (form) or useful (function), but not both. This is simply untrue. Foodscaping creates a relaxed and welcoming backyard food garden. This can mimic early cottage gardens from hundreds of years ago, or be as minimalist as you like. The style is yours to decide.

A well crafted food garden will combine desired greens, herbs, nuts, fruits and vegetables together with ornamental plantings to create an idyllic landscape. Think of trellises of climbing berries over a bench or tiered beds around fruit trees, and flowers sprinkled among your edible plants.


Grow What You Eat 

Consider growing useful plants like cherry tomatoes, peppers, spinach, cabbage, eggplants and cucumbers. Your climate zone and landscape may influence what grows best, but don’t forget that these plants are for your use. Be sure to include fruits and veggies you’ll be excited to have on your plate.

If you also want to put in a chicken coop and yard for hens, or a honey bee box, you may need to check local ordinances.

Herbs Earn Their Keep

Many herbs, including yarrow, citronella, mint, fennel, catnip, basil, and lemongrass are natural deterrents for garden pests from aphids to potato beetles. Even better, some of these also attract the predators that keep pests under control. Planting these among other crops can serve you well.

Edibles Can Also be Ornamentals

Think goji berry, Nanking cherry and serviceberry. These are three options that are great because they’re easy to grow and provide yummy fruits at the same time. Plum, banana, and avocado trees also look dramatic on top of providing fruit. Sunflowers never disappoint. And of course grape vines are a pretty addition to arbors.

Include Human Spaces

The best foodscaping gardens have built-in places for humans to enjoy the view. Movable benches that can be pulled up to raised beds are harvest time can be very useful. So can a swinging bench, a hammock, or a quiet place for yoga. There’s no reason not to hang out in your garden while the food grows. 

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