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Celebrate National Gardening Day (tomorrow) by “bee-ing friendly.” Make it a point this year to create outdoor bee-friendly gardens that support pollinators such as bees. This could mean including a bee house, bee watering station, or by simply growing the right plants! Plus, get tips this week on how to create a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy, register for our next webinar, plant up a colorful hanging basket, and get the kids outside playing in the dirt! 

Bright flowers for bees

What do these 6 flowers have in common? They’re 6 of the many flowers that feed the bees that ultimately make our gardens thrive. See 14 flowers that we recommend, plus learn other ways to create a safe haven in your garden for these important pollinators. Do the bees in your garden have a favorite flower? Let us know!​

Garden power spot

Jan Johnsen believes there are specific techniques and elements we can incorporate into our gardens to make a more visually pleasing environment that we can relax in and enjoy. One of those techniques is to find your garden’s power spot—the place in your garden that holds the most interest. Maybe it’s a location with a beautiful sunset view, a spot under a tree where you can enjoy the breeze, or a quiet corner. Then, figure out how to make the most of it. Read more about garden power spots and get five more design tips.

Learn more about creating relaxing gardens in next week’s webinar with Jan!


Jan Johnsen and pictures from gardens she's designed
WEBINAR: Serenity by Design
Simplicity, Sanctuary & Delight in the Garden

with Jan Johnsen
Thursday, April 20 @ 6PM EST*

Are you curious about why some gardens make us feel so relaxed? In this webinar, Jan Johnsen answers that question. She’ll let us in on her secret of mixing ancient ideas with little-known scientific facts to create serene outdoor spaces. You’ll learn about the ‘auspicious’ cardinal direction and how to use it, tips for finding the ‘power spot’ in your backyard, and how to use colors to enhance well-being. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to create your own peaceful oasis!

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Bee on agapanthus flower

Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators are essential to nature and biodiversity. Create your own wildlife habitat by filling your garden or balcony with summer-flowering bulbs like single-flowered dahliascrocosmia,and agapanthus to attract these indispensable and beautiful pollinators and create a habitat rich with the food and shelter they need to thrive. Visit FlowerBulbs.com for inspiration.


Hanging basket with blooming flower

Maximize your porch, deck, or patio growing area with hanging baskets. Make them look great by choosing plant or flower colors that play off the exterior of your home or add contrast with a complementary shade. Not sure what plants work well in baskets? Try any of these 20 flowering plants to bring a pop of garden color right up to eye level. 


Drawing and picture of bee house

Even though a structured activity isn’t necessary when it comes to outdoor play (hello mud pies and digging in the dirt!), sometimes it’s fun to have an idea or two in your back pocket such as making a bee house, or just coloring one on a rainy day. Check out these garden-related kid activities to try this month. Have fun!