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Fall is an ideal season for landscaping services, and to prepare your yard for the cold months ahead. This is important because it plays a large role in how everything will look once spring and summer come around. While many homeowners think that it’s fairly basic, autumn landscaping isn’t limited to simply raking leaves. Actually, local landscape contractors have a lot to take care of this time of year. Here are three of the most common tasks that landscape contractors tend to in the fall.



Aeration is used to break up compact soil. This process perforates the soil with small holes, so air, water, and nutrients can more easily flow through. It’s a crucial step if you want your lawn to thrive. Rain, strong sunlight, and even heavy foot traffic can all compact the lawn and prevent grass roots from properly absorbing water and other nutrients. But aerating at an improper time can have a negative effect, so it’s important to plan for some time in the fall, between September and November. Typically, fall is the perfect time to give your lawn a chance to recuperate before winter.


If you’re disappointed by thin or bare areas in your lawn, fall is the perfect season for overseeding. Without overseeding, your grass may naturally thin out as it matures and you’ll have more trouble maintaining it as time goes on. You might also want to add new grass species to your yard for a change of scenery. Overseeding also helps with any insect damage that can reach even to the roots. You probably don’t want to overseed in the hot summer months because of the high temperatures. But, the cool fall weather and the rain are more beneficial. Ideally, landscape contractors should overseed right after aerating the lawn.

Irrigation Systems

Dealing with sprinklers might seem like a task that’s meant to be handled in the spring, but with winter right around the corner, there may need to be some changes to your irrigation settings. It depends on where you live, of course, but it’s not a bad idea to make sure your irrigation system is prepared for the cold, and that your plants will receive the right amount of water during these rainy months.

Autumn Landscaping

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