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By: Garden Design

If you’re starting to think about what you might want to add to your garden this fall, we have a few ideas for you, including plants with berries for year-round color, plus others that will make your fall beds and containers the envy of the block. You’ll also learn about a tiny plant menace and what to do now for blooms come Christmastime!

Berries for Year-Round Color

Fall is the perfect time for planting most trees and shrubs. Discover 9 shrubs and trees that bring fall and winter interest, as well as a welcome snack for birds and wildlife when other food sources are scarce.

Up Your Fall Wow Factor

Take your fall containers and beds a step beyond traditional mums. Mums are great fall flowers, but if you add these 10 plants to your shopping list, you’ll create combinations that stand out from the rest.

Hamptons Haven

When designers at Oehme, van Sweden & Associates were challenged with the task of renovating a nearly 2-acre lot, one of their main goals was to unify the property. See what they did to make the homeowner say, “Before, I never went into the garden; now I am part of it.”

Spider Mites

It’s no fun dealing with garden pests! Spider mites are one of the most common, but are difficult to spot—they’re smaller than the head of pin! In colder regions they overwinter as eggs and hatch in the spring. However, in warmer areas they can be a problem year-round. Learn how to keep these tiny plant predators from causing trouble in your garden.

Christmas (Cactus) in September

If you’re anything like me and get annoyed seeing holiday decorations for sale several months early, please don’t be mad at me for mentioning “Christmas cactus” in September. Trust me, there’s good reason! Getting Christmas (or Thanksgiving) cactus to rebloom is the number one problem with these winter favorites, and the reason is that it takes some coaxing. Learn what you need to start doing in the next couple of weeks to get your Christmas cactus to bloom again.

It Was Good: 10 Years in the High Sierra

Get a front row seat to all that the High Sierra has to offer in Garden Design photographer, Josh Endres’ new book. His adventures started with his desire to hike the John Muir Trail—which he did, and then some—but then he “quickly became fixated on exploring and photographing spots in the mountains that weren’t overly traveled or possibly ever photographed.” Josh shares dramatic (and comical!) stories along with stunning photography from his treks into the rugged Sierras over the past 10 years.

Learn more about this book and how you can pre-order your copy now!

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