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Did you know that gardening can be extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health?

Whether there’s a patio you’ve always wanted to redesign but never got around to it, or room for a larger plot, we say it’s time to change that. Keep reading as we go through five elements every home garden needs so you can start reaping the benefits of this new green hobby of yours!


1. Good Lighting

When planning the design of your garden, remember your plants will need good lighting. Notice how much sunlight reaches each spot in your garden, and then place your plants accordingly. Some plants like more light than others. Oh, and remember that you can always use artificial lights!

2. Different Textures

One quick Google search is enough to realize how many types of beautiful leaves there are. Including a nice variety of them in your home garden can completely change its look.

When it comes to texture, there are three groups of leaves: coarse, medium, and fine. We suggest mixing them when planning your garden. It adds some contrast to the design.

3. A Pop of Color

Since we’re talking about contrast, another way of ensuring your garden has some is by adding a pop of color.

Once again, the variety of ways you can make your garden more colorful are endless, so it all depends on your personal taste and, of course, the weather conditions of your hometown.

Use groupings of flowers (or even large fruit trees) to create colorful focal points and you’ll bring the whole design to a new level.

4. Visual Harmony and Balance

This fourth element comes over time as you add more plants and decor pieces to your garden.

If you don’t have an eye for design, you might not know exactly what visual harmony means or how you can achieve it. In short, it means that when you look at your garden as a whole, it looks unified and balanced. Everything goes well together and there isn’t too much or too little of a certain garden element.

Check for this harmony every time you update your garden to guarantee that it’s always balanced and beautiful.

5. Some Relaxing Sound

Sound is most likely not the first thing you think about when planning the design of a home garden, but it can certainly make for the perfect ambiance. Plus, adding some sound to your patio doesn’t have to be difficult.

One classic idea would be to add an outdoor waterfall to your garden. After all, is there anything more pleasing and relaxing than trickling water, the wind, and beautiful birds singing?

Let’s Start Planning Your Home Garden!

Already daydreaming about what your garden will look like once you finish planting?

Creating a home garden is a fun hobby to pick up and we’d love to help with your design. If you live in the Bay Area, make sure to send us a message today!