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Drought Resistant Landscaping sounds like a good idea from the get-go: it resists droughts. That’s obviously good. But what else is so great about switching to water-wise plantings and ground covers?



1- When your landscape blends with your surroundings, the property looks larger and more graceful.


I think we’ve all seen neighborhoods where each plot seems to be marching to its own drum. With drought-resistant landscaping becoming more common, and the un-planned nature around our homes already growing native plants, nothing brings a natural grace to your land like working with what works. The edges of your drought-ready land seem to melt away instead of butting up against boundaries.


2- When you save water, you also save money


This one is obvious, but worth noting. Water bills are not a one-time event, and cutting them down or out is a repeating monthly boon.


3- You can minimize or eliminate irrigation and sprinkler systems


Fewer things to maintain and fix can be a great relief, especially if you have a large property. Landscapes trying to create an artificially lush oasis cost their owners not just in money, but in time dealing with the complex watering systems required of such an illusion. With the proper plantings, you can use much simpler systems or none at all.


4- Drought resistant ground covers mean no lawn-mowers.


Ground covers in a drought-resistant landscape aren’t limited to rocks, pebbles, or mulch. There are also low-lying water resistant plants, some of which are very soft and walkable, that can cover open expanses. Using a combination of ground covers can also create a more interesting look that traditional lawn. What this means for you is that you can quit spending your time mowing, cancel the mowing service, and sell your mower. Time and money saved.


5- Beautiful Plant Options

One thing that people don’t realize when they think of low-water need plants is that some of these plants are uniquely beautiful, and less commonly seen on planted landscapes, which gives you an opportunity to have a rare textures and colors in your yard.