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Californians have been becoming more and more aware of a need to go about our daily lives with our environmental impacts in mind. We recycle, carpool, try to eat locally, and increasingly, we’re pulling up our lawns. You can now hang up the lawnmower keys and install more creative, more water conscious landscapes.


Advantages of Ditching the Lawn


There are some good reasons to make the switch to lawn-free landscaping.

  • Not only will you not be taxing our over-utilized water resources, you also won’t be paying the bill for that water.
  • Using hardscaping and/or plant groupings in your space makes your property more interesting, makes it feel bigger, and is often more welcoming, meaning you actually spend more time in your yard.
  • Native ground covering plants have a lusher look than most grasses, and many can still be walked on.
  • If you currently have a lawn, you inevitably spend either lots of time caring for it, lots of money paying someone to care for it, or lots of time looking at it sadly because it needs maintenance. Lawn-free spaces are made up of easy-care components by nature, so you can have your time and money back.
  • There is huge creativity in creating your lawn-free space. Environmentally conscious homeowners  install labyrinths, outdoor kitchens, tennis courts, picnic areas, running tracks, horseshoe pits, hammock oases and more.
  • Laws are often more to look at than to be used. When you repurpose that space, you gain the framing to do things that didn’t fit into your previous space.
  • Pulling up your lawn gives you a great opportunity to incorporate features that attract wildlife. Bird feeders, bird baths, bat houses, beehives, spider web frames, nesting boxes, and other helpers can help make your backyard a great place for wild animals. You can even register it to become a Certified Wildlife Habitat.
  • A drought-tolerant landscape can increase your home value because of both it’s practical worth and attractive aesthetic.

To see some beautiful lawn-free spaces you can find lots of inspirational yards on the internet. To discuss options for better utilizing the space wasted on grass in your yard, contact Meadowbrook Design today. Our lead designer can help you transform your space into an environmentally friendly and useful space for your family.