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Creating a low water garden is better for the environment and better for you too. Rather than using gallons of water to keep grass green, a drought friendly garden is better suited to California’s natural climate. Not only are drought friendly gardens better for the environment, they look stunning and save you time too.

Landscape design is what you need to create a garden that’s both beautiful and drought friendly. Combining the right blend of drought friendly plants and stunning landscape design, you can create a garden that’s gorgeous all year round.

Hand Selected Plants and Trees

When you choose a landscape designer to plan your perfect drought tolerant garden, the plants and trees will be carefully selected for their beauty and water use. Native plants make the perfect addition, along with ornamental grasses, and herbs which are naturally water smart. Keep thirsty flowering plants to a minimum but add splashes of color with interesting foliage such as from colored grasses. Shade trees also provide diversity and beauty to a garden while protecting from evaporative water loss. A landscape designer’s assistance in choosing the right blend of plants, shrubs and trees for your water smart garden creates a beautiful and lush effect you will love.

Creatively Added Hardscapes

Hardscapes reduce the water needs of your garden and they look fantastic. Blend rock, pavement or gravel paths into your garden so you can walk through and enjoy. Courtyards can create an appealing feature in your garden while highlighting the beauty of your garden beds. Using hardscapes such as pavers or gravel that incorporate gaps allows water run-off to reach the soil, so nothing is wasted.

Eye Catching Features

Outstanding features such as large boulders, sculptures or even water features fill in gaps in your garden beds and provide a focal point. These creative hardscapes skillfully blend into your garden bed adding diversity and interest to drought friendly gardens. Experienced in designing for both hardscapes and softscapes, a landscape designer can help you find the ideal combination in your drought friendly garden.

Container Gardens

Want the benefits of a drought friendly garden in a smaller space? A container garden of water smart plants blended with your existing hardscape can be ideal. It can also be helpful to place the plants you love that do require more water in containers. This helps to minimize wastage while ensuring they get the moisture they need. Container gardens look stunning and stylish while having minimal water needs and care requirements.

Flourishing Corner Gardens

Water run off usually happens where the garden bed meets your hardscape. This can be at the sidewalk or along paths or driveways. Capture water runoff here with pretty beds that provide a splash of color of the edge of your garden. Thirstier plants can reap the benefits of collecting water run-off in these compact garden beds.

Landscape design is the essential tool to help you create a beautiful and practical drought friendly garden. Talk to your local landscape designer about how a stunning water smart garden could fit in your space.