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When envisioning the perfect landscaping for your property, most people picture plants as being something beautiful to look at, while hardscaping like concrete, benches, wooden arbors, and brick ovens are the useful part of the area, bringing structure and utility. But there is also potential for the plants themselves to bring utility by dividing spaces, providing shade, and more. Climbing vines are perfect for this use. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of climbing vines for shades in your space:


Disguise an Eyesore

Flowering vines will turn an unappealing chain link fence into a lovely, lush feature of your yard. They climb unattractive pergolas or other items that serve better to support a vine than be looked at directly. Japanese honeysuckle, silver lace vine, or morning glories are well known for doing a good job of this.

Use Climbing Vines as a Privacy Screen

If you have a lattice or open-work fence or wall, but would rather enjoy more privacy in your yard, planting vines along its base will grow a green privacy screen, creating more of a “secret garden” feel for you. 

Incorporate Your Stone Wall

Sometimes stone, cinder block, or other hard walls look abrupt in the garden. Add sweet autumn clematis or sweet pea to wander over the wall. Use a wire trellis to cover the wall before you plant. Just make sure the trellis is far enough away from the wall; a trellis snug against a wall is not good for either the building or the vines. If you’re screening over a utility pipe, be sure to leave access openings for maintenance.

Climbing Vines for Shade

If you have an open-work arbor, pergola, or gazebo you can plant wisteria or dutchman’s pipe to create shade and beauty. Keep in mind, though, that the structure must be able to support a heavy plant.

In general, vines need full sun, though some varieties grow in partial shade. Most vines do best in moist, well-draining soil. If you need help selecting plants, planning your landscape, or organizing your landscaping project, contact Meadowbrook Landscape Designers today to ensure your end result is as perfect as your dream.