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When you think of color in the garden, do you think of flowers first? For many of us (myself included), the answer is yes. But, if we think creatively and take a closer look at foliage plants, we can create a garden that is not only full of color, but also texture, patterns, and movement all year. To get you started, we’ve gathered a list of 17 plants that we think look amazing, plus tips from an expert on how to use them in your garden. We’ve also got ways to enhance your overall garden experience, tips on overwintering containers, and more. Plus, don’t forget to get registered for our November webinar with David Culp! 


Variety of plants with colorful foliage

While flowers often steal the spotlight, foliage plants can offer a unique and striking backdrop for your landscape. Discover a world of color and texture in your garden: from lush ferns to the striking leaves of elephant ear plants, from silvery artemisia to the bold patterns of caladiums, and more, in this list of 17 plants with fabulous foliage. Photo by: Proven Winners.


Rebecca Sweet video

Get ready for a foliage feast for the eyes with the one and only Rebecca Sweet from Harmony in the Garden. She’s opening up her lush, green world to us, sharing her favorite plant combinations for foliage gardens. Rebecca’s got a love for foliage that’s downright infectious! “It’s all about foliage!” she exclaims, as we step into her garden. You’ll discover that flowers aren’t the only stars—oh no, these foliage plants shine in a spectacular way!


Colorful foliage garden design

From creating colorful echoes to adding texture and shape diversity, foliage is your secret weapon for a stunning garden design. Check out our new articlefrom Rebecca Sweet to learn how to use foliage to elevate the look of your garden. Pictured: Garden of Ruby Andrews.

Purple crocus blooming

Plant spring flowering bulbs for naturalizing, and you will be thrilled to see your efforts multiply year after year! Daffodils, crocus, and snowdrops are among several varieties of bulbs that will provide you with countless blooms. Incorporating these bulbs into your garden will reward you with more flowers every year. For more information, visit FlowerBulbs.com


Front porch with plant containers

Learn six ways to enhance your garden experience with advice from Susan Martin of Gardener Sue’s News. Despite gardening in a shady area for 18 years, Susan has created a beautiful and colorful garden. Whether it’s going big in containers, enjoying the golden hour, appreciating small details, and more, Susan’s tips will help you make the most of your time in the garden—and enjoy it! Photo by: Susan Martin.


Three containers planted heuchera

Don’t turn your container-planted perennials into annuals by killing them in cold weather. Learn how to properly prepare and care for them to ensure they’ll survive the winter and be ready to shine again in spring. Photo by: Proven Winners. 


David Culp and vignettes from Brandywine cottage
WEBINAR: Holidays In & Out of the Garden
with David Culp, Brandywine Cottage
Thursday, November 16 @ 6PM EST*

Join us in November as we welcome back David Culp for “Holidays In & Out of the Garden.” Learn how to make the most of the winter holidays by bringing the charm of your garden inside. David will share his thoughts on the beauty of fall and winter gardens, inspiring you to enjoy a festive atmosphere—in and out of your garden—all season long. Photos by: Rob Cardillo.

  • Arrangements from the garden: fall and winter tabourets and wreaths
  • Enjoying bulbs, such as paperwhites and amaryllis, indoors
  • Fall and winter plants for birds and wildlife in your garden
  • David’s unique philosophy and process of decorating his Christmas tree