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This week, let’s talk about creating a fully immersive garden experience that engages all of your senses. From fragrant flowers that enhance your garden to tips for decorating your front porch with plants, we’ve got you covered. We also have an exciting webinar coming up with landscape designer Jan Johnsen on creating a serene outdoor space. Plus, we’ll help you tackle garden pests like grub worms with practical, natural, and organic solutions. 

Rose, freesia, mock orange, hyacinth

We often talk about selecting plants based on their purpose—create shade, divide spaces, provide privacy, etc.—but if that purpose is to provide fragrance, these 20 plants will do just that. Choose from some of our favorite shrubs, bulbs, perennials, annuals, and vines to add another layer of enjoyment to your garden.

“It’s easy to forget how important fragrance can be to the overall enjoyment of a garden, not only by evoking pleasant memories, but also by allowing us to experience the garden even with our eyes closed.”


Orange poppy flowers

Hopefully all of us have a garden full of plants that are pleasing to look at, as well as some plants that smell or taste wonderful. But have you taken the time to also incorporate plants or items that engage your sense of touch or that are pleasant to listen to? Learn how to create a fully immersive garden experience by getting all of your senses involved. 

Oriental lily flower

Fast-paced lifestyles can take a toll. Turning gardens into healing spaces promotes positive emotions and feelings of life satisfaction. Fragrant flowers like elegant, oriental lilies will enhance your joy tremendously. They are easy to grow in a sunny spot, inter-planted with existing perennials, or in the cutting garden. Bring them indoors to perfume an entire room. For more inspiration please visit Flowerbulbs.com

Front porch with hanging baskets

One of the first things I do at the change of any season, is decorate my front porch and change out a couple of planters—and new ideas and inspiration are always welcome. I love the feeling of coming home to a bright and cheery porch, and if you do too, check out these 15 ways to make your front porch pop with color


WEBINAR: Serenity by Design
Simplicity, Sanctuary & Delight in the Garden

with Jan Johnsen
Thursday, April 20 @ 6PM EST*

Why do some gardens make us feel so relaxed?  Award-winning landscape designer and author Jan Johnsen mixes ancient ideas with little-known scientific facts to illustrate how to make a serene outdoor space. In her talk, she reveals:

  • The ‘auspicious’ cardinal direction and how to use it
  • Tips for finding the ‘power spot’ in your back yard
  • How to use colors to enhance well-being

This popular talk is sure to be of interest to all garden lovers!

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2 – Become a paid member of Garden Life! Your paid membership to Garden Life includes our next 10 webinars (at a $120 savings!). You will automatically be registered for all webinars.

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Robin with grub