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With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s the perfect time to do some growing indoors while also finding ways to enjoy the outdoors. With that in mind, this week you’ll find design tips and plant suggestions for creating a tough (and colorful!) winter garden, helpful information on three of our favorite winter bloomers that can be grown inside, some serious container inspiration, and more!

Vignette from Bressingham

“A winter garden is about light as much as it is about plants,” says Adrian Bloom—horticulturist and garden designer at Bressingham, one of the most famous gardens in the world. Bloom shares some of his insights into creating the perfect winter garden. Discover design principles that can be applied in any zone or region. Photo by Richard Bloom.

See below for 18 more plants that bring winter gardens to life.

Dogwood branches in winter

Gardens don’t have to stop in winter. Bring your late fall, winter, and early-spring garden to life with some of these 18 recommended plants. Pictured: Arctic Fire ® Red red-osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera), whose branches also make great winter container accents, both indoors and out.

Indoor plants that flower
Indoor Winter-Blooming Plants

Add the final touch to your holiday décor with a few indoor flowering plants. Learn how to grow & care for these winter-blooming beauties. Plus, they also make great gifts!

Low-light houseplants

Shorter, darker days call for houseplants that don’t mind keeping things on the shady side. Green up darker areas of your home or office with these 24 indoor plants. Plus, many of them tolerate—and some even thrive—on neglect, so green thumbs are optional. Plus, houseplants make a great gift and could even spark a non-gardener to pick up the gardening bug. Pictured: Color Full ® Medallion calathea, Prismacolor™ Florida Green climbing philodendron, and Mysteria™ Adansonii™ Swiss cheese vine. Photos by: Proven Winners.

Winter container plantings

If you’re in need of some serious winter container inspiration, look no further! Deborah Silver and her talented team at Detroit Garden Works create some of the most amazing containers we’ve ever seen. Take a peek at some of their amazing creations and get inspired! 

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how their containers are created and a bit of the backstory of Detroit Garden Works’ evolution.

Plus – get more tips & tricks for creating your own winter container designs from Erin at The Impatient Gardener.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

This garden tour of Southwest England promises a unique blend of natural beauty, historical exploration, and horticultural marvels. Visit a variety of renowned gardens, each with its own distinctive features, from the classical temples and water features of Stourhead to the subtropical landscape of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, as well as carefully selected private gardens. The itinerary extends beyond gardens to include visits to historic sites such as Plymouth, Bath, and Tintagel Castle, adding a rich cultural dimension to the experience. 

This tour offers not just a visual feast of stunning gardens but also an immersive experience, creating memories that extend beyond the vibrant blooms of mid-summer.

Only a few spots remaining! Get more information, see the itinerary, and reserve your spot now!

Pictured: The Lost Gardens of Heligan; read more about its fascinating history. Photo by: Karen Chapman.

Gardening gifts

From handcrafted bird feeders to handy garden tools, our Garden Design Holiday Gift Guide has unique items for the gardeners in your life.  

As promised, here are more great gift guides for gardeners: 

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