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This week you’ll see how to create gorgeous container gardens and learn five big ideas for designing small spaces—along with finding the perfect plants to include in them. If you have a larger space to garden, keep in mind that these ideas are for you, too! (Small-garden ideas can apply to smaller spaces within a larger landscape!) You’ll also learn how to make a stunning first impression and get rid of a garden pest.

Colorful patio flowers in container

Growing plants in pots is perfect for everyone! Only have a balcony? Perfect! Have a large property and need a focal point? Perfect! Want to create a changeable display? Perfect! No matter the size, shape, or location of your garden, there’s always room for containers. Learn how to choose the right plants, plus get potting tips, care advice, and display inspiration.

                    Rockapulco Rose double impatiens.                      Dahlightful Georgia Peach dahlia
Discover 11 plants perfect for pots in shady spaces. 
Find 11 plants that can take the heat and look great in containers.
Front yard with rose-covered arch entry

When neighbors walk by or guests arrive, does your front landscape give the impression you want it to? While there’s no right or wrong way to design your front yard, you may be at a loss about where to start By learning what to consider and combining it with some great inspiration you can start moving in the right direction. 


Sloping front yard with steps

Speaking of beautiful front yards…see how the founders of Mosaic Gardens transformed their small, narrow, sloped lot into a beautiful garden. Along the way, they learned that they were able to pay attention to details that wouldn’t have been possible on a larger scale. Follow their 5 big ideas for small spacesfor success in your own garden. Photo by Marion Brenner.

Shrubs for containers

Just because you’re planting up a container or small area doesn’t mean you can’t use shrubs. Here are 10 great choices that won’t overwhelm a limited garden area, patio, or large container. Photos by: Proven Winners.

Aphids on rose bud

It’s no doubt that gardening brings us joy (otherwise we wouldn’t be here), but it can also bring equal amounts of frustration—especially when it comes to dealing with pests like aphids. Learn practical solutions to naturally deal with these persistent pests.